The “Heavenly” portfolio includes products that have already received high praise from the likes of The New York Times, the BTI, Wine Enthusiast Magazine, The Ultimate Spirit Challenge, the San Francisco Spirit Competition and spirit guru Paul Pacult of the Spirit Journal. Heavenly Spirits is now the proud importer of and ambassador to the following products in the US:

French Spirits:




Bistro Vodka

Chauffe Coeur





Du Peyrat


Jean Fillioux

Jules Theuriet

La Muse Verte

Lise Baccara

Marie Duffau


Qino One


Yu Gin






Domaine de Bouscat


Côtes de Gascogne:

Domaine de Magnaut

Domaine de Miselle




Pronunciation Guide

Okay, now how do you say that?!


Heavenly Spirits products are authentically made by family-owned French producers. Some of them go back many generations. Not everyone has an easy time in pronouncing some of the names of these products or some of the French terms commonly used in the trade. For this reason, and because we have had a few requests, we have put together this easy-to-use pronunciation guide. 


Aperitif: Ap per a teef

Armagnac: Ar’ ma nyak

ArmoriK:  Ar’ more rick

Artez:  Ar tez

Arvani: Ar van nee

Bastille: Bas tea

Calvados: Cal’ va dose

Chauffe Coeur: Showf kur

Claque-Pepin: Clack pep on

Cognac: Co’ nyak

Dartigalongue: Dar ti gah long

Delord: de lor

Digestif: Dee jess teef

Du Peyrat: Du’ pay rah

Eau de vie de poire:  Oh da vee de pwar

Jahiot: Jahy oh

Jean Fillioux: Jon fee you

La Muse Verte: La Mews’ Vert

La Troussepinete: La trouss pee net

Marie Duffau: Ma ree  Du fo

Miselle: Mis ell

Magnaut: Man yo

Normandin Mercier: Norm an dahn  Mer see ay

Pineau des Charentes: Pee no  de  Shar ont

Qino One:  Kee no One

Retha: Ray ta

Triagoz: Tree ah goes


Note: Jean and Jahiot have the J which is pronounced like Taj Mahal or Zsa Zsa Gabor.