Absinthe La Muse Verte

Jean-Philippe Brunello co-founded the family business, Artez, in 1995, on 12 hectares (30 acres) of land located in the Western part of the Bas Armagnac.


Jean-Philippe developed a passion for Armagnac and spirits from an early age under the guidance of his grandfather, a cellar master in Ognoas.


In 2003, Artez expanded by acquiring the family recipes of Jean-Michel Berneau, a retiring longtime producer of absinthe and pastis in Gironde, which they continue to make in the same time-honored fashion, entirely by hand.

Absinthe plants - Absinthe La Muse Verte


This original family recipe from the early 1900s is the result of tedious research and the delicate blending of about eight plants, reminiscent in flavor and color of the original absinthe.


The Grande Absinthe (wormwood) brings out the fresh bitterness, but it really is the secret blending with the other plants that gives a perfect balance between the bitterness, the alcohol and the aromas.


This product brings us back a century, to the times of the Muse Verte, or the Green Fairy, which inspired artists such as Beaudelaire, Verlaine, Hemingway, Van Gogh, and Rimbaud...


La Muse Verte Absinthe Traditionelle is one of the rare absinthes on the market with a historical alcohol content of 68%.


It’s the only absinthe made with totally fresh, cut baby absinthe leaves (used within 5 min. of harvest) grown on the property (depicted at right). This unique particularity from the original recipe gives La Muse Verte its beautiful, luminescent jade color.


La Muse Verte Absinthe contains no sugar or additives, and is entirely natural. For this reason, it is packaged in a black opaque bottle, so that the light does not spoil its color or taste.


Each of the eight plants in La Muse Verte Absinthe is carefully selected and is steeped in neutral alcohol of various alcohol content depending on the plant, in order to extract its best essential oil. 


Plants include: 

  • grande absinthe
  • star anise
  • lemon balm
  • sage
  • fennel
  • hyssop 


All the infusions are then assembled with great care over different periods of time. Some of the plants macerate for more than 3 weeks.


The final product undergoes a meticulous decantation and natural filtration process with wool and paper, just like in the ancient times: quality comes first.  



6 to 8 volumes of water for 1 volume of La Muse Verte Absinthe.


Add the water slowly, preferably one drop at a time to the absinthe. Water may be passed through a sugar cube to sweeten the beverage. The absinthe is ready when the film of oils on the top has totally integrated. This process is known as the louche.

Absinthe Traditionelle La Muse Verte


Color: bright jade green

Nose: subtle vegetal notes and hints of spring scent.

Palate: herbaceous underwood, floral, spicy hints of anise.



95 points. Top 100 Spirits

"Classic aromas of clean and spicy licorice and anise are pungent from this pretty mint green spirit. Spicy and crisp licorice flavors dominate the palate, making this well suited for solo sipping or mixing- a little goes a long way." - Ultimate Spirit Challenge 2022


96 points. "Extraordinary, Ultimate Recommendation

"Rich green hay color that turn milk cloudy when mixed with water in the glass. Fragrant mint, tarragon and fennel seeds are dominant and enticing. The palate is hot with matcha spice, licorice and balancing sweetness leads into a long finish." Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2018


Chairman's Trophy, 97 points "Extraordinary, Ultimate Recommendation"Ultimate Spirit Challenge 2013


“...very good purity...wonderful scents... a quality that’s unusual and pleasing... more in line with how I envision real absinthe to be.” - Spirit Journal

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