Cognac Jean Fillioux

Christophe and Pascal Fillioux by Claude LADA
Christophe and Pascal Fillioux by Claude LADA

Each year in October, 5th generation owner Christophe Fillioux harvests the Ugni Blanc grapes from his 63 acre vineyard, makes the wine and distills it in his classic alembic stills. After carefully selecting barrels from the cooperage, the young distillate is put to rest for 2 years, absorbing maximum tannins and color.


Then comes the “secret”: day after day, month after month, year after year, Christophe Fillioux, and his father Pascal, can be found in their cellars sniffing, breathing, tasting, making notes, re-tasting, blending, moving barrels, and listening to his cognacs growing older and older. It’s like a ballet in wood and darkness where only he can hear the music. The results are just sublime, undeniable proof that Pascal Fillioux well deserves his reputation as “Magician of Aromas” that the region has given him.

Jean Fillioux Cognac estate La Pouyade
Watercolor representing the domain of La Pouyade in the 90’s painted by Dominique Poirot.

Perched on top of a hill, the beautiful estate of La Pouyade, has been in the Fillioux family since 1894. Its imposing residence overlooks their magnificent vineyard, located in the heart of Grande Champagne, 1er Cru du Cognac (1909).


The 25 hectare vineyard of the Domaine de la Pouyade is located in Juillac-le-Coq, in the heart of the best of Grande Champagne also called “the golden triangle” (Angeac-Champagne, Verrières and Juillac le Coq). The establishment of the vines on this limestone fault and the exposure of the vineyard on the very sunny produce a wine ideal for distillation.

Tasting Notes

Cognac Grande Champagne COQ

A young, light and pleasantly fresh Grande Champagne with floral notes and vine blossoms, perfect for cocktails.



"4 stars" (Spirit Journal) 

Gold medal (Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, 2018)

Cognac Grande Champagne La Pouyade

8 years old

Perfectly balanced for a rather young Grande Champagne, an interesting personality with floral notes of spring flowers, fruit aromas, apricot and grape, with notes of almond. Perfect with smoked salmon, blue cheese, pates and prosciutto, it is also the whisky lovers' favorite.



Master Medal (The Cognac Masters 2021)

96 points / Best of 2017 / Best Buy

"The mild aroma hints at vanilla and stone fruit. The palate is balanced and lovely, starting with gentle vanilla and

caramel enlivened by fresh pear and stone fruit, and finishing on a mellow baking spice note." (Wine Enthusiast, 2017) 

"Highly Recommended" (Cognac Magazine) 

"4 stars" (Spirit Journal)

Cognac Grande Champagne Cep d'Or "XO Selection"

12 years old

Vivacious aromas of lilac and jasmine give way to some notes of ripe fruit, dried fruit and walnut. This delicious Grande Champagne has a spicy finish that will be perfect for Provencal, Italian or even Mexican cooking.



Gold medal 

(Brandy Consumer Choice Awards 2021)


94 points / Best of 2017

"Instead of dessert, sip on this tawny Cognac. Dusty

cocoa and pecan pie richness vie for the palate

alongside vanilla and cream caramel, with hints of apple and a zing of ginger and nutmeg. All together, the effect is not overly sweet but still distinctly, enticingly dessert-like." (Wine Enthusiast, 2017) 


96 points. "Highly Recommended, Superb. "Rich and luxurious, this 12-year-old “Tres Vielle” Cognac offers deep toffee and hazelnut flavors, before tapering off to a cocoa and espresso-inflected finish. It's a well-structured brandy that puts you in mind of a leather club chair—you just want to close your eyes and sink into it." (Wine Enthusiast, 2013) 


"5 stars" (Spirit Journal)

Cognac Grande Champagne Très Vieux "XO Extra"

Over 25 years old

The House’s flagship, a very powerful, elegant and noble cognac with some notes of jammy fruit, orange marmalade, quince, pear and loads of vanilla. A sipping Cognac for the Connoisseurs.



Chairman's Trophy, 98 points, Extraordinary, Ultimate Recommendation "Classic and stately nose of crisp Anjou pear, banana liqueur, coffee, mint, and orange marmalade. The palate skews slightly tropical with notes of mango and lychee alongside warm, spicy oak and caramel. Soft and smooth on the finish with suggestions of nuts and honey." (Ultimate Spirits Challenge, 2020) 

Double Gold Medal (San Francisco Spirits Competition, 2016) 

"Highest Recommendation" (Wine Enthusiast) 

5 stars "Highest Recommendation" (Spirit Journal) 

"93 Points. Excellent / Highly Recommended" (Ultimate Spirits Challenge) 

"Top 10 Cognacs" (Wine Enthusiast, 2007)

Cognac Grande Champagne XO

Over 30 years old

A scrumptious cognac offering deep aromas of vanilla, honey, cinnamon and exotic fruits, ending with rich and spicy hot chocolate flavors.



97 points, Chairman's Trophy! Extraordinary, Ultimate Recommendation

"Poised and elegant bouquet of dried apricot, orange blossom, wildflower honey, baked pecans, and warm brioche. Full-bodied with notes of mocha, tinned peach, vanilla, and hints of rancio, it is long, sumptuous, and delicious. A classic spirit indeed." (Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2018) 

5 stars "Highest Recommendation” (Paul Pacult, Spirit Journal) 

"97 points, Extraordinary, Ultimate Recommendation" (Ultimate Spirits Challenge, 2013)

Cognac Grande Champagne Reserve Familiale

50 years old

This exceptional cognac is in itself a journey in the infinite world of aromas and flavors; everything is there incessantly tickling your taste buds: dried, candied fruit, rich rancio, leather, cigar box, toasted cocoa bean, vanilla and toffee. The finish is silky, with notes of honeyed and peppery spices.



#1 Cognac. "25 Favorite Brandies of All Time" (Paul Pacult, Spirit Journal) 

"Highly Recommended" (Wine Enthusiast) 

5 stars "Highest Recommendation” (Spirit Journal) 

"An elegant cognac with a beautiful freshness." "A Cognac to savour over a long time, sip by sip, eyes closed. Pure pleasure!" (Sommeliers International) 


Cognac Grande Champagne Cigar Club

40% -  A very beautiful Grande Champagne Cognac with a great personality; powerful. A velvety nose with notes of vanilla and honey. Very complex and unctuous palate with jammy aromas, prune, and orange, then notes of cinnamon and dark chocolate. Very long finish with notes of licorice and spices coming through, toasted coffee. A perfect cognac to go with your favorite Havana cigar and some pieces of dark chocolate, at 70 - 80% cocoa. 



4 stars, Highly Recommended

"Beautiful mahogany / sinopia color; unblemished purity. This opening aroma is muted and reluctant so I back off for ten minutes; following more aeration, the aroma comes alive in the exotic forms of baked banana, roasted meat, BBQ sauce, fish oil, cocoa bean, and soy sauce. Entry bursts with soy sauce, Asian cooking spice-like flavors that are elemental, bitter, vegetal, and spicy; midpalate takes an unexpected left turn as it highlights desert dry flavors of black tea / orange pekoe, bean curd, and green vegetable that mingle with the dried apricot and raisiny fruits; there is a massive taste explosion here. Finishes long, bittersweet, caramelized onion-like, toasted marshmallow-like, and utterly luscious. A wonderfully weird, deeply flavorful cognac that takes a couple of bizarre turns that produce delightful results." (Paul Pacult, Spirit Journal, Dec. 2018) 

93 points. Excellent / Highly Recommended

"Reminiscent of rich oiled leather, pipe tobacco, campfire, and sultry stewed stone fruits, this is a Cognac meant to be savored. Big and bold flavors of smoke, raisin, burnt orange peel, and savory, earthy brown spice add depth. Very complex." (Ultimate Spirits Challenge, 2017) 

97 points. (Cigar & Spirits Magazine, 2014) 

"Pure, very delicate, elegant, and fine, ample and round. A tasting Cognac, subtle and refined....One of the sommeliers' favourites." (Sommeliers International)

Cognac Grande Champagne So Elegantissime

41% - Very floral nose, spring flowers, hawthorn, wild rose, acacia, with some notes of white peach and nectarine. A touch of violet bonbon. Deliciously lively on the palate with some aromas of passion fruit, lemon tart, and dried apricot. Long finish with some notes of sweet spices coming through, coriander, and cardamom. In one word...Elegantissime!



5 stars. "Highest Recommendation" (Paul Pacult, Spirit Journal) 

96 points. Number One (Falstaff Bar & Spirits Guide 2014 (Austria))

 “Very beautiful Cognac, with a lot of finesse” (Sommeliers International) 

Cognac Grande Champagne Single Cask 212

Cask strength 47.5%

Single cask #212.

No added sugar.


A single origin, single cru, non chill-filtered Cognac that was aged in new oak for a couple of years and then the rest of its life in "fut roux" (used barrel).


The nose displays notes of candied fruit, orange marmalade, and vanilla, with a little honeysuckle flower at the end.


Entry palate is sweet from the natural sweetness of the wood fibers. A lively pear juice flavor gives way to more candied orange fruit and finishes with a touch of spice and rancio.



Chairman's Trophy, 97 points, Top 100 Spirits 2021

“A wonderfully complex nose bends flavors of stained sandalwood, toasted almond, orange pastry, and white chocolate. The palate is equally exemplary and provides a strong impact before a long and undulating finish.” (Ultimate Spirits Challenge, 2021)

Cognac Grande Champagne Barrel No. 96 "XO Premium"

45% - This barrel of a unique Cognac has been carefully selected and bottled for Heavenly Spirits.  Only 240 bottles available.


A single origin, single Cru, single barrel number 96, non-chill filtered Cognac from the exclusive Golden Triangle of Grande Champagne, beautifully aged in a "second fill" wide-grain Limousin oak barrel. Bottled in June 2018.


Color: Deep gold with copper nuances, beautiful brightness. 

Nose: The nose explodes with candied orange peel, mango and licorice. 

Palate: Years of ageing have delivered lovely dry apricot notes, ripe melon, peach

syrup and almond paste. Delightful long finish, with citrus fruits, plus a hint of milk




Finalist, 95 points

“Perfumed golden raisin and honeysuckle adorn this beauty of a cognac that also boasts white blossomed succulence in the mouth. This cognac will delight and intrigue sip by sip staying light on the palate weaving white peach and its sweetness with a mild tannic structure.” (Ultimate Spirits Challenge, 2019)


5 stars. Highest Recommendation 

"Pretty copper color; flawless clarity. The aroma right from the very first sniff conveys gracefulness, integration, and power through expressive aromas of spiced pear, chocolate covered raisins, and cherry blossom; later whiffs pick up earthy, oak-impacted traces of hard cheese, sawdust, marzipan, and almond butter. Entry features the oak influence, in particular, in the sap-like, honeyed opening flavor that's succulent, acidic and therefore fresh, and peppery / piquant; midpalate brings all the taste aspects together for an illustrative exhibition of Grande Champagne wallop and charm as the flavor profile goes orchard fruit-like, intensely oaky and resiny, honeyed, spicy, and espresso-like. Ends long, oily, toasted, toffee-like, and buttery in texture. Loved it." (Paul Pacult, Spirit Journal, Dec. 2018 )