Le Trou Normand Moderne

Le Trou Normand - Original:

It is certain that the first time a palate was cleansed with a young Calvados eau de vie, it happened during a meal consumed near to the still during distillation season. With this small sip in whatever glass was available, a tradition was born.


A Modern Classic Rooted in Tradition:

This version of Le Trou Normand should be served in a small, elegant, wide brimmed cordial glass or something similar.

 Le Trou Normand Moderne with Claque-Pepin Calvados and Sorbet


  • 1 to 1.5 oz. Claque-Pepin Calvados Fine
  • 1-2 small balls of apple or pear sorbet
  • 1 mint leaf


Place sorbet in the glass. Pour Calvados over the sorbet. Add mint leaf garnish. Serve immediately with small spoon.

Serves 1