Domaine de Miselle

Domaine de Miselle, makers of Côtes de Gascogne wine in the town of Caupenne d'Armagnac, Gascony, France.

The Estate:

Located in the heart of Gascony in the prestigious “Bas-Armagnac” area, the Miselle estate is made up of 70 acres of vineyards, spread over slopes on typical loamy-sand soils called “fawn sands." At the center of the vineyards is the estate's cellar.


This terroir is perfectly suited to white grape varieties, gives birth to noble Côtes de Gascogne vintages, elegant and full of freshness and liveliness.


This ancient Gascon property, dating from the 18th century, has been dedicated to wine-growing for generations, Armagnac having been produced here since the 19th century.

Cotes de Gascogne wines from Domaine de Miselle in the town of Caupenne d'Armagnac

After several successive owners, Miselle Estate was acquired in 1974 by Luis Ocaña, the 1973 Tour de France winner. Under his direction, the winery was restructured and diversified into white wine production. 


More recently, in 1998, the Chevallier family, originally from the North of France, decided to revive this typical Gascony area winery. A modern wine-making facility was inaugurated and the first Estate-bottled wine range was launched the following year. Today, the family-run Estate pursues its commitment to create, with the greatest possible respect for the vine and the environment, wines that give full expression to the terroir of the Gascony region.

About Côtes de Gascogne Wine

Vines in Armagnac / Côtes de Gascogne region

Côtes de Gascogne Wines are regulated by an official syndicate. They explain the Côtes de Gascogne wines thus:


- Since 1st August 2009, Côtes de Gascogne has been registered as an Indications Géographiques Protégées (IGP) and as with all IGP, the production conditions and standards are defined by an official decree and specifications defining the production conditions and the standards to be respected (production zone, varieties, vinification, yields, analytical standards, etc.).


- In addition to controls related to production conditions and with respect of analytical standards, all IGP Côtes de Gascogne are taste controlled by the Organisme De Gestion (O.D.G) that relies on a trained panel of experts. 


The Côtes de Gascogne region is in the heart of the Armagnac region, as such many vineyards producing wines also produce small batches of Armagnac, often for local consumption. Domaine de Miselle is located in the part of the region that overlaps with the Bas Armagnac producing region. 

Miselle Colombard Gros Manseng

Domaine de Miselle Colombard Gros Manseng White Wine

Appellation: IGP Côtes de Gascogne


Town: Caupenne d'Armagnac


Grape variety: 80% Colombard, 20% Gros Manseng


Harvest date: September 2015


Maturation: Between 3 and 6 months on fine lees


Total Production: 144,000 bottles


Color: A superb pale gold color with green highlights


Bouquet: An aroma of citrus, mandarin, and grapefruit


Palate: Fine, elegant and fruity, a typical Gascon wine. A crisp taste, possessing great freshness and roundness, giving a perfectly balanced wine. 


Serving Suggestions: Serve chilled at about 50 degrees. Ideal as an aperitif. It also pairs excellently with appetizers, hard cheeses, seafood, fish, and white meats. 

Miselle Syrah Rosé

Domaine de Miselle 100% Syrah Rosé Wine

Appellation: IGP Côtes de Gascogne


Town: Caupenne d'Armagnac


Grape variety: 100% Syrah


Harvest date: September 2015


Maturation: Between 5 and 6 months on fine lees


Total Production: 20,000 bottles


Color: A superb bright color of medium intensity with orangey highlights


Bouquet: The nose resolutely opens up on fruity notes: strawberry, pomegranate, and raspberry.


Palate: An intense mouth developing into strawberry and candied fruit aromas with a light, spicy finish. It offers a well-balanced freshness and roundness.


Serving suggestions: Serve chilled at about 50 degrees. Delightful with summer vegetables, grilled meat or fish or with lightly spiced meals such as tagine or paella.