Rétha La Blanche Vodka

Rétha Spiritueux is a unique micro-distillery located on the Île de Ré, off the coast of the Cognac region. The name Retha is derived from word for "inhabitant" in the patois of the island. The island is nicknamed "Ré la blanche," or White Re, in reference to the white color of its houses painted with lime and the clarity of the sunlight.


Rétha Spiritueux pays homage to its terroir, its oceanic environment, and the artisanal knowledge of Charentais distillation. Their approach is based on the desire to use the local, natural resources to create authentic spirits, including their Oceanic Gin.


Retha La Blanche Wheat & Potato Vodka

Rétha La Blanche is a French artisanal vodka of character. The recipe uses the emblematic new potato variety Alcmaria, grown locally by the market gardeners Unire cooperative, located on the Île de Ré. 


Its manufacturing process begins with a maceration and then a double distillation of wheat alcohol and Alcmaria potato. This double-pass technique, borrowed from Cognac, preserves the richness of the terroir and the flavors that emerge from it. Finally, over two months, one of slow reduction and the other to allow the spirit to meld, are necessary in order to propose a balanced and refined spirit.


Annual production is dependent on the potato crop. Each year, in the spring a defined quantity of bottles is produced. These are numbered per year, "One" is the first vintage of 2016.


During the war the "Rétais" illegally produced potato spirits that they traded for cigarettes with the Americans.

The Alcmaria Potatoes

Retha La Blanche Wheat & Potato Vodka

On Île de Ré,  the mild climate and sandy soils are conducive to the cultivation of early potatoes. 


The Alcmaria variety, harvested before maturity between May and June, is particularly appreciated and sought after for its sweet flavors, characterized by subtle hints of hazelnuts and chestnuts. Small in size, its skin is fine and its flesh tender.


This real "culinary treasure" is a vector of quality, know-how, but also rarity. The Alcmaria potato gives birth to an exceptional spirits characterized by an incredibly rich aroma, sweet notes and a surprising roundness in the mouth.

Tasting Notes

Rétha La Blanche is a traditional vodka that asserts its character with sweet notes, hazelnuts, and almonds with a creamy, rich texture.


It is best consumed cool (not frozen) as an aperitif or digestive, and proves to be a surprising source of inspiration for your cocktails.