Bistro Vodka

The Spiritique Story:

Spiritique began when Stephane Aussel and his two partners, all veterans of the the spirit's business, decided to create a company specializing in quality French Spirits made from the best ingredients, presented in really handsome packaging.


The Bistro Story:

In 1814 the Russian army was in Paris. Although they were not allowed to drink in pubs, they were served vodka when they asked for a quick drink. “Quick” being “быстро” (bistro) in Russian. Thus the Parisian “Bistro,” a place to have a quick drink or light meal was born.


The Bistro Recipe:

Bistro Vodka is made from top quality French wheat. Distilled five times in a triple pot still. The results are a perfectly balanced, clean and light vodka with an ABV of 40%.


Tasting Notes:

A well rounded and highly refined nose, somewhat floral, with a nice freshness. Clean, crisp, and delicate on the palate, with soft aromatic nuances and a light lingering finish. No bitterness or afterburn.



Bistro is a world famous French word with a Russian origin. It originally means «quick». That’s what Russian soldiers used to ask Parisian bartenders back in the 

19th century: "a vodka, quick!"

What the reviewers are saying...


Gold Medal - Bartender Spirits Awards, 2021


95 points, Gold Medal "Citrus lime scented with a sappy pine lifted lilt and some earthiness. Smooth, creamy and rich on the palate with coffee, white chocolate and vanilla, culminating in a clean, dry, sparkling finish." - International Wine & Spirit Challenge


Double Gold Medal, Taste John Barleycorn Awards


Double Gold, DesignJohn Barleycorn Awards