Baie des Trésors Rhum Agricole Martinique


We do not see rum as an industry but rather as the artistic expression of a terroir.


Exploitation Agricole du Galion, founded in 1849, has over 1800 acres of sugar cane fields that extend over the Caravelle peninsula and its surroundings. These lands of volcanic origin, ideal for cultivating cane, have been cultivated for a very long time, and have demonstrated their remarkable quality. But they are far from uniform.



The lands of Galion are diverse and give rise to very different rums. Some, in the interior of Martinique, receive nearly two meters of precipitation each year, while others on the Caravelle peninsula receive barely half. Between these humid zones and these dry zones, the rums present quite different faces. Some will be opulent and soft, others drier and more subtle.

Baie des Trésors is the pure expression of the Martinique terroir, without any artifice or additives. No sugar, caramel or other additives are added. The color is totally natural, and so is the taste.


Rhum comes from the distillation of freshly squeezed, fermented cane juice (vesou) and aging in small oak barrels. The remarkable sweetness of the rhum is the result of a long and meticulous work of selecting the plots, of distillation to the right degree, and of a sophisticated aging.

Plein Soleil: Rhum Blanc

By the sea, under a blazing and continuous sun, the Fond Basile plot contains sugar cane ideal for the production of a great white rum. In this dry zone, almost arid at times, the cane concentrates remarkable plant aromas that an appropriate distillation will be able to reveal wonderfully through the art of concentration.


Bottled at 54%


Tasting Notes

Wild and fresh tones, menthol accents, floral flights, this Plein Soleil white rum reveals an astonishing complexity. Plein Soleil can be enjoyed pure, on ice or in a cocktail. It is advisable to taste it pure at least once, to fully appreciate all the vegetal nuances.


97 points, Chairman’s Trophy, Top 100 Spirits

“Extravagant aromas of overripe banana, crème brûlée, and baked pear slink upwards from the glass. Concentrated flavors of fresh cut grass, macadamia nut, and marzipan on the palate give way to a finish filled with chewy raw sugar cane and a refreshing herbaceousness." Ultimate Spirits Challenge, 2022


Flowers of the Wind: American Oak

On the Caravelle peninsula, caressed by the trade winds and relatively protected from tropical downpours, the dry plots of Spoutourne give birth to extremely subtle rums with a beautiful concentration of primary aromas of the cane Light and exotic, it makes us discover Martinique in a new light.


Bottled at cask strength 49.8%


Tasting Notes

Delicate aromas of fresh coconut with vanilla accents. Beautiful floral (wild rose, rose) and fresh expression, enhanced by pastry notes (vanilla, coconut) and punctuated by a hint of mint. Exotic fruit notes then appear, followed by a more balsamic, slightly resinous finish. Very good length in the mouth.


90 points

“A decadent nose featuring salted butter, warm honey, sea grass, and crushed golden apple. there is a swift transition into tropical fruit seasoned with herbs. Lime and lime leaf, bitter orange peel and grilled pineapple waft to the nose punctuated by dried oregano, brown sugar and dashes of sea salt finishing through on the palate." Ultimate Spirits Challenge, 2022

Fruits of the Rains: French Oak

A little further inland, and a little higher, are the lands near the Habitation Dufferet. On these exposed slopes, the canes receive generous rain. Here the cane is prosperous, rich in juice, like a fatty herb, and it will give birth to round rums, generous and full of sweetness. The woody expression is different, frank with a delicate note of vanilla as well as a smoky, mineral touch. Let yourself be taken aboard for distant horizons. 


 Bottled at cask strength: 50%


Tasting Notes

Aromas of dried fruits and candied fruits, with a very nice blend of vanilla wood. Silky and soft on the palate with generous notes of cooked fruit, chocolate, and roasted notes. Velvety accents punctuated with floral and slightly spicy notes. Lots of roundness and flexibility. Round of fresh cane and subtle tones. Great length in the mouth.


93 points, Finalist

“Complex layers of tropical fruits, tobacco, and a touch of tar create an alluring aromatic profile. Clean and slightly spiced in the mouth, there is an underlying funk that brings dimension to the herbal and fruit flavors. The finish is crisp with flamed citrus peel." Ultimate Spirits Challenge, 2022