The Spiritique Story

Spiritique began when three veterans of the spirit business decided to get together and create a company that specializes in quality French Spirits made from the best ingredients, presented in really handsome packaging. 


Every Spiritique product is carefully crafted in France, respecting tradition while embracing innovation. 

Yu No what's best!

Yu NO is much more than an alcohol-free version of the highly successful Yu Gin. It is also much more than an alternative to gin. It is the exploration of a new taste, a new freshness, a new spicy touch, a new intensity of aromas.


Yuzu offers an extraordinary palate of taste. This is why many chefs and pastry artists love to use it in their creations. This is why we have initially created Yu Gin.


Yuzu associated with juniper offers an exceptional level of freshness and elegance. Now you can relax and refresh with a good alcohol-free drink,  you can enjoy the subtle fresh elegance of the Yuzu without any alcohol.

Everyone Loves Yu!

Yu NO is made from the distillation of fresh yuzu and other botanicals, including Sichuan pepper, juniper, and coriander to create a perfectly refreshing and tasty alcohol-free distilled drink. It contains no alcohol, and an ultra-low level of sugar.


Just like Yu Gin, it is the perfect base for the creation of great classics such as YU & tonic or YU Gimlet, but why not taste it neat or on the rocks? It is a whole new type of taste, which opens to a  new creativity in the way it is consumed.


Yu NO offers to everyone a choice of having a good drink, with or without alcohol but always with a great taste. Yu Choose!


More than ever, everyone loves Yu!