Jules Theuriet by Edmond Briottet

Jules Theuriet historic artisan distiller

Jules Theuriet (1848 - 1912), a wine trader, had his premises at 12 Rue Berlier in Dijon, the firm’s current site. 


He had a daughter – Juliette Theuriet – who married Antoine “Edmond” Briottet. Edmond managed the Theuriet business from 1912. He kept the name Theuriet, but started using the name Briottet as the primary name for the business. Apart from his wine trading business, he started producing Crème de Cassis (blackcurrant liqueur). 


Today the 6th generation, Vincent and Claire Briottet, continue the family tradition of making high-quality, artisanal crèmes and liqueurs. 

Tasting Notes

Crème de Cassis de Dijon

Crème de Cassis de Dijon is produced exclusively from the famous “Noir de Bourgogne” variety of black currant which must be grown in Dijon.


Since 2015, Crème de Cassis de Dijon is a protected geographic indication (IGP), signifying local origin, higher quantity of berries used, and high quality of production.

The berries, macerated in alcohol for two months, the result is a deeply-colored full-flavored aromatic liqueur.


Crème de Cassis is perfect for creating cocktails, cooking or dessert. Try it poured generously over a serving of French Vanilla ice cream. 



95 points / Finalist / Extraordinary / Ultimate Recommendation / Great Value "Deep, dark, and borderline savory, this black currant liqueur has it all. Decadent black fruits, sweet cream, and spice with a touch of purple flowers. The palate is intense and tart with sumptuous black fruits." (Ultimate Spirits Challenge, 2016)


4 stars.

“Resembles a porto from a very hot vintage; the stemy/viny opening perfume is right on the mark with just the right amount of pulpy bitterness and ripe fruit. The palate entry is sensationally silky, ripe, sweet, and fruity. The aftertaste is infinitely long, satiny, ripe, concentrated to the point of being jammy, and completely gratifying. Crème de Cassis doesn’t come any better than this; a masterpiece.”

(Paul Pacult, The Spirit Journal, 2004)


96 -100 points. Best Buy. “In the mouth, it’s silky, ripe, fruity, concentrated and jammy. Finishes long and satiny.”  (Wine Enthusiast, 2012)

Crème de Framboise

Our Crème de Framboise (18% alcohol) is made by macerating raspberries. The raspberries are soaked in a water-alcohol solution for a minimum period of two months. This enables all the finesse of the small berries to be extracted. 


White sugar is then added to the infusion obtained and this elegant Crème de Framboise is the result.



5 stars.

“The entry is tart, then the flavor goes stunningly fresh, ripe, and sweet by midpalate, the aftertaste is long, lush, ripe, and concentrated. The balance of acidity, ripeness, fruit, and alcohol are amazing; a clinic in fruit liqueur production.” (Paul Pacult, The Spirit Journal)


“The Briottet Crème de Framboise tastes and smells exactly like just-picked raspberries. The liqueur has a silky texture, medium-body and is like drinking the best the summer has to offer.” (Beverage News)

Crème de Pêche de Vigne

Jules Theuriet Crème de Pêche (18% alcohol) is a timeless favorite which you should always have on hand!


Crème de Pêche is perfect drunk as an aperitif with a dry white wine such as Aligoté, with a sparkling wine or straight with an ice cube.



“Like a fresh, juicy peach in a bottle, this French wild peach liqueur distills the finer points of the fruit, with an aroma of ripe and dried peaches; almost nonexistent alcohol burn and natural, not-too-sweet flavor. Juicy peach and apricot notes balance a slight nuttiness and pleasantly tangy tannic element, easing into a honey finish with a slight bitterness. We can think of more than a few applications for this unusual cordial, from an accompaniment for simple desserts like almond cookies to a tea toddy or a classic-inspired cocktail.” (Imbibe Magazine)


“The stunning appearance is an orange/ topaz/bronze color -- excellent purity; the opening nosing picks up tart notes of peach peel and bramble. The palate entry is peachy, sweet, ripe and focused. The finish is long, very clean, more tart than sweet, and tasty.” (F. Paul Pacult, Spirit Journal)


“For a more vivid peach experience you would have to walk through an orchard and snag the ripe fruit from the limb.” “Even then it would be a close call. The honey-colored Briottet Crème de Pêche has a rich, delightful bouquet of tree ripened peaches. The liqueur is well balanced without a trace of cloying sweetness. Its finish is luxurious and leaves you wanting more.” (Beverage News)

Liqueur de Pamplemousse Rose

The grapefruit or pomelo rose originates in the Antilles archipelago in the Caribbean. It grows in bunches, which is where its name in English comes from (grape means cluster).


Jules Theuriet Pink Grapefruit Liqueur perfectly expresses the grapefruit’s acidulous side. It is refreshing in the mouth and it perfectly brings out the pink grapefruit’s flavors — softness and bitterness. A real treat, one to be savored.


Jules Theuriet’s Pink Grapefruit Liqueur should be drunk chilled, straight, on the rocks, or as an ingredient in a cocktail. To give yourself a change of scene from the traditional white wine-cassis mix, why not try rosé wine-grapefruit, by mixing 4/5 of rosé with 1/5 of our Pink Grapefruit Liqueur. Serve very chilled. Or try this cocktail recipe Tonic Pamp’!


Tasting notes (From Difford's Guide)

"Slightly syrupy mouthfeel, authentic pink grapefruit hit with aromatic lychee, melon and rose - alcohol and sweetness well balanced. Aftertaste: Fresh grapefruit zest and lingering honeyed sweetness."



97 points, Double Gold, Liqueur of the Year, Liqueur Producer of the Year - (Bartender Spirits Awards, 2022)


95 points, Extraordinary, Ultimate Recommendation, Finalist, Greatest Value “This classic liqueur pours glowing pink hue in the glass. Ebullient on the nose, with zesty ruby red grapefruit and blossom. On the palate, it is soft and sweet with bold notes of freshly-squeezed grapefruit juice alongside sea minerals and a touch of red apple skin." (Ultimate Spirits Challenge, 2022)


16/20 points "Expressive, an impression of grapefruit, well-balanced, round and smooth, with a lively and refreshing finish." (Le Point Magazine)


"Excellent" (Difford's Guide, 2017)

Crème de Banane

Made from real banana juice, Jules Theuriet Crème de Banane will stand out from other liqueurs on the market. The use of a blend of different varieties of bananas helps maintain strong fruit scent, as well as harmony between sweet varieties and those that are a little sweeter. There is only one objective: to reveal all the aromatic power of this island fruit! It is far from the candy taste that one might find in other alcohols.


In order to offer you an authentic product close to their artisanal values, Jules Theuriet Crème de Banane does not have added any coloring.. This allows it to keep its natural light and yellowish color.


This liqueur pais perfectly with chocolate desserts and can be used to replace rum in your recipes!  At Maison Briottet, they are fans of a classic yogurt cake with a little twist of banana liqueur and chocolate chips. It also works well in a variety of cocktails.