The Ambient Tulip Glass

By Chef & Sommelier

The Finest Spirits Deserve the Finest Glassware

Heavenly Spirits is happy to be adding The Ambient Tulip Glass by Chef & Sommelier to our product line. There was a time when all brandies, including the finest cognac would be served in an old fashioned, balloon style brandy snifter. Those days are gone due to advanced glassware technology. The only reason to use a snifter today would be for serving a young harsher brandy,

that might benefit from warm hands evaporating excess alcohol.


The shape of the tulip glass makes it possible to regulate the amount of alcohol released from the spirit, thereby preventing any burning sensation in the nose, yet without impacting the olfactory properties. When serving finer cognacs, armagnacs and even older calvados the tulip glass is the way to go.


Chef & Sommelier created the Open Up line of glassware with a contemporary and revolutionary design, which provides brandy drinkers with an incomparable tasting experience. The convex and concave bowl of the Ambient Tulip Glass enables an exceptional development of flavors and aromas.


Sheer Rim is a technology that allows Chef & Sommelier glasses to have an extremely fine rim while staying incomparably strong thanks to Kwarx® Advanced Material. This results in optimal comfort on the lips during tasting. 


As proud importers and distributors of the finest artisinally made French spirits, we at Heavenly Spirits recommend this quality made Ambient Tulip glass for maximum enjoyment of all our fine brandies, including: Cognac, Armagnac and Calvados. This is also the glass of choice for just about every Cellar Master in France, as it is optimal for tasting other fine spirits, including whiskies, aged rum, aperitifs and even wine.


“Amongst connoisseurs, this glass captures the aroma of the cognac in the best way, and at the same time allows it to breathe sufficiently to set free the taste.”



SRP: $9.99 per glass or $55. for 6

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