Yu Gin

The Spiritique Story

Stephane Aussel, Laurent Berriat, and Olivier Hidier (left to right)
Stephane Aussel, Laurent Berriat, and Olivier Hidier (left to right)

Spiritique began when three veterans of the spirit business decided to get together and create a company that specializes in quality French Spirits made from the best ingredients, presented in really handsome packaging. 


Every Spiritique product is carefully crafted in France, respecting tradition while embracing innovation. 

The Yuzu Gin

Inspired by Japanese traditions and the famous Yuzu lemon, Yu Gin offers: freshness, subtlety and a wealth of aromas, all in an originally designed glass bottle reminiscent of a Zen garden.


This small fruit between lemon and clementine - at first glance a little unattractive, full of seeds and with a thick skin - has unrivalled gustatory qualities.


Used by the greatest chefs and perfumers, yuzu has also been beloved by the Japanese for ages for its relaxing and refreshing properties both in Japanese cuisine and in centuries old customs such as Yuzuyu, where the fruit is floated in the hot water of a bath on tōji (winter solstice), to guard against colds, warm the body and relax the mind. 

Everyone Loves Yu!

 Distilled with juniper berries and enhanced with yuzu, Szechuan pepper, coriander, and licorice. A pronounced citrus nose and a perfectly balanced botanical taste with a subtle peppery finish.


Yu Gin can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in a classic G&T cocktail as a refreshing aperitif.


100% vegan.


94 points.

"This citrusy gin, made with yuzu and Sichuan pepper, hails from France's Cognac region. The mild aroma whispers lemon peel—the palate shouts it, layering on tart juiciness and a hint of mandarin orange sweetness. Ginger and white pepper heat lead into the astringent finish." - Wine Enthusiast, 2021


Gold Medal "Yu Gin also received the Gold seal of approval. The gin had “lots of lemon and lime zest” aromas, and “plenty of juniper and herbal notes” on the palate." - The Drinks Business & The Spirits Business Autumn 2021 Tasting