Rétha Oceanic Gin

Rétha Spiritueux is a unique micro-distillery located on the Île de Ré, off the coast of the Cognac region. The name Retha is derived from word for "inhabitant" in the patois of the island. The island is nicknamed "Ré la blanche," or White Re, in reference to the white color of its houses painted with lime and the clarity of the sunlight, which is echoed in the name of their La Blanche Vodka.


Rétha Spiritueux pays homage to its terroir, its oceanic environment, and the artisanal knowledge of Charentais distillation. Their approach is based on the desire to use the local, natural resources to create authentic spirits.  

Rétha spirits are hand-distilled to keep the strength and essence of the raw materials in a micro-distillery, borrowing from the expertise of traditional Charentais distillers. 


A water bath is used to allow a slower distillation and better quality. Depending on the needs and specifications of the products to be distilled, it makes it possible to pass from a  double-pass distillation or a column distillation .


Rétha Oceanic Gin is a "distilled gin" resulting from a maceration and then a distillation. Filtration is done at room temperature to preserve the aromas and smooth texture that refer to the ocean sweetness. The  ingredients of Gin by Rétha have been carefully selected to convey the sensations of a stroll on the coast.

The recipe of Rétha Oceanic Gin uses the fucus variety algae freshly harvested by hand on the Rétais coastline.


Highly loaded with iodine, they are recognized for their therapeutic virtues. In some Asian countries, they are part of the food consumed regularly.


They are greenish brown in color and have clear gaseous vesicles that allow them to float while attaching themselves to the rock with a disc - shaped crampon. 

Tasting Notes

Rétha Oceanic Gin is a distilled gin inspired by the riches of the sea.


Its innovative recipe uses the fucus algae hand-harvested on the Île de Ré to produce a well-tempered gin that pays homage to its maritime identity.


Its oceanic flavors, invigorating, iodized, and its freshness  transport you to the edges of the Atlantic Ocean.


An adaptable gin, it works well consumed neat, on the rocks, as an aperitif or digestive, and brings an oceanic touch to the classic Gin and Tonic.


Juniper berry, the foundation of all gins, brings freshness  and the invigorating side of the Atlantic. The latter is reinforced by a note of ginger that supports this feeling. 


The palate opens and finishes on the  iodine, salty and maritime touch of the Fucus algae, complemented by an astonishing citrus note that is enhanced by a hint of lemon. Finally pepper brings strength and ocean power.



Gold Medal (Bartender Spirits Awards, 2021)


94 points "Crisp and slightly vegetal, this nuanced gin opens with bright fennel and citrus then rounds into mouthwatering white pepper, anise and coriander. It's made with seaweed harvested on the beaches of Île de Ré, off the coast of France's Cognac region." (Wine Enthusiast 2021)