Diplôme 1945 Original Recipe Dry Gin

Diplôme 1945 Original Recipe French Dry Gin


The Original 1945 recipe was perfected during WWII and remains unchanged to this day. Diplôme Dry Gin is a unique French “London Dry Gin.” Created, and distilled in Dijon, a city known and respected world-wide for its cuisine, the recipe for Diplôme is one of the oldest in France. After the end of the war, Diplôme Dry Gin became the official gin for the American Army stationed throughout Europe.



Using natural botanicals sourced from Europe and Morocco, Diplôme Dry Gin is made from a selection of the finest available: juniper berries, coriander, whole lemons, orange peel, angelica, saffron, iris root and fennel seed.



Since its creation, Diplôme Dry Gin has been carefully made using age old traditional processes. Natural botanicals lovingly macerated in pure beetroot alcohol are then slowly distilled using a small pot still.


This “bain marie” distilling method gives Diplôme Dry Gin its fully round, rich taste while imparting a vibrant freshness to the finished spirit. Always bottled at 44% ABV, this achieves the best harmony between its aromas and its strength. Exceptionally smooth, Diplôme Dry Gin is the gin of Gin connoisseurs.


Botanicals in Diplôme 1945 Original Recipe French Dry Gin

Tasting Notes

The nose of Diplôme Dry Gin is a marvelous bouquet of blossoming cherry trees, cloves and the delicate expression of juniper and coriander seeds. Each sip reveals an even greater complex and perfumed taste layered with zesty grapefruit, delicate nutty oils and a delightful infusion of lavender. Its velvety structure is enlivened with rich exotic spices, and dark chocolate leading the way to a great earthy and lengthy finish. 


Top 100 Spirits of 2016 - 91 points

"The base spirit of this gin is distilled from sugar beets, not grain, which may explain its pronounced sweetness (note: the recipe dates back to 1945). The aroma is almost neutral, with just a faint breeze of pine. On the palate, the juniper-pine note comes forward, along with a marshmallow sweetness, though it finishes with citrus chased by earthy anise and black pepper."  

Wine Enthusiast, 2016


Gold medal. 91 points, Exceptional. "A lovely, complex, and elegant gin with evolving layers of botanicals and spice." 

Tastings by the Beverage Testing Institute, 2016