Cognac Normandin-Mercier

Normandin Mercier Cognac

Since 1872, five generations have contributed to the development of the prestigious Normandin-Mercier Cognacs. The family has build its fame by perfecting the art of blending and ageing cognacs in an exceptional geographical site on their estate, the Domaine de La Péraudière.


What makes Normandin-Mercier so unique?

The Crus: For decades, the family Normandin Mercier has been buying young cognacs from the same handful of producers in the crus of Petite Champagne and Grande Champagne only.

The Grapes: Normandin Mercier cognacs are made with about 90% Ugni Blanc, and 10% of Colombard and Folle Blanche, a very rare and unique blend compared to other cognacs.

The Cellars: Normandin Mercier cognacs are matured in the family chateau’s traditional cellars near the town of La Rochelle, the historic medieval port that made Cognac famous  many centuries ago. The proximity of the ocean, the natural regulation of hygrometry and oceanic temperature all favor the ageing of the cognacs, giving them fullness, elegance and a unique character. 


The Production: 25,000 bottles per year

It’s important to note that Normandin-Mercier cognacs contain no artificial coloring and are not subject to a cold filtration in order to preserve a total purity of the aromas and flavors.

Tasting Notes

Petite Champagne VSOP

7 years minimum 

Brilliant, clear, beautiful and luminous golden amber color and look.


Subtle floral nose, honeysuckle and violet.


Subtly spicy with a touch of licorice.


Lively cognac perfect for long drink and cocktails.



93 points "Golden and light in the glass, this Cognac offers rich, powerful aromas of caramel, dulce de leche and ripe banana. The buttery palate opens with vanilla cookie and tropical fruit, finishing with sprinkles of cayenne and cocoa. Petite Champagne region, minimum seven years old." (Wine Enthusiast, 2019)

92 points (Wine Enthusiast, 2013)

Fine Champagne Prestige

15 years minimum

Blend of Grande Champagne (brings sharpness and length) and Petite Champagne (subtlety, delicacy and sweetness).


Flavors of fruits, almond and plum with a rich and fat, but clean finish.


Aged 2 years in 350L new barrels, then moved a 600L barrels.



96 points / Best of 2017 / Top 100 Spirits on 2017

"Nuanced and complex, this shows a floral lilt up front, segueing into more substantial vanilla and honey aromas. The palate is relatively dry, with cocoa and leather  lightening to ginger spice and hints of tropical fruit." (Wine Enthusiast, 2017) 

Excellent 93 points and Finalist (2012 Ultimate Spirits Challenge, New York)

Gold Medal (International Review of Spirits, BTI, 2012) 

Grande Champagne XO

30 years minimum

Full and soft spirit although preserves a certain ardor thanks to its ageing in red barrels. 


Gold supported with amber reflections.  

Nose: dried fruits along with hazelnut and almonds, candied fruits, citrus fruits, cinnamon, vanilla, honey, and toffee.  

Flavor: rancio (Porto), smoked, chocolate, cereal (brioche), vegetable (dry spices, light tobacco), Woody. 

Mouth: ample and round. Complex, ample, elegant. To sample quietly. 



91 points "Like candy in a glass, this bold brandy overflows with butterscotch and caramel notes and finishes with ginger, cinnamon and candied-lemon peel accents. A delectable pairing with crème brûlée or other creamy desserts, or poured over ice cream." (Wine Enthusiast, 2013)

Grande Champagne La Péraudière

From our cellars, we have selected this 'Grande Champagne' Premier Cru of 1992 to celebrate the 140th anniversary of our business, founded in 1872.


Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it has been aged in authentic casks, made by the best Cognac coopers; using hundred-year-old oak trees from our estate ‘La Péraudière’ which were chosen in 1989 for the exceptional subtlety of their grain. The staves were left to dry in the open-air for three whole years, and from these wonderful casks ‘La Péraudière’ cognac was born. 

Limited series of 1000



93 points / Best of 2017

"Look for warm vanilla aromas and a tickle of alcohol from this cask-strength Cognac. The complex, substantial palate starts with lots of caramel and oak up front, rounding to black cherry, dusty cocoa and orange peel midpalate, and drying to a citrusy finish." (Wine Enthusiast, 2017)

Petite Champagne 1976

Single Vineyard, Single Vintage

Our Petite Champagne 1976 was crafted in respect for the purest tradition. Aged first in new barrels from the Tronçais forest for 18 months, these barrels were slightly burnt so that the wood influence was slowly imparted to create a homogeneity of the aromas. Then this cognac continued its ageing in red barrels for 8 years, and was finished in specially-selected old barrels.


Every intervention to the barrels was made under the supervision of the BNIC (Interprofessional National Office of the Cognac).


Well-balanced, fine, and supple in nose, as well as on the palate, with aromas of lily and orange peel. A very natural spirit. Bottled according to the strict regulations for Cognac vintages and under the supervision of the BNIC. Bottled in an attractive, distinctive bottle, sealed with wire and wax. 



97 Points / Best of 2017

"Most Cognacs blend various vintages together: This one is a single-vintage Cognac that was distilled in 1976 and bottled in 2016, after 40 years in oak. It’s a stunner, with a complex, perfumy nose and kaleidoscopic palate that starts with cocoa and walnut, moves to a rounded, surprisingly fresh red apple note midpalate, and finishes with vanilla, ginger, cinnamon and hints of tropical fruit. It’s drying, slightly grippy and not nearly as oaky as one might expect." (Wine Enthusiast, 2017) 

Gold Medal (International Wine and Spirit Competition 2016)

Petite Champagne Christmas Cognac

This Petite Champagne originates from an old family reserve handed down from father to son beginning with the house's creation in 1872 by Edouard Normandin's great, great grandfather, Jules Normandin. 



This special and rare cuvee has been bottled especially for Christmas from its oak cask #3077.