Monnet Cognac


There is a Monnet style: “sunny” Cognacs, warm with strong floral and fruity hints. Monnet Cognac is first enjoyed through one’s eyes. This specific style was captured by famous illustrator Leonetto Cappiello in his renowned “Sunshine in a glass” poster, completed for Monnet in the 1920s. This poster gave the brand an aura that it still carries nowadays.



At its most essential, cognac is the product of sun, soil, water and grape juice: the ultimate natural drink. Monnet believes that cognac is at its best when at its most artisanal. That is why they only source from the finest vineyards, why they insist on small-batch distillation by craftsmen they trust, and why they go easy on the wood: to let all the vibrant beauty of the fruit shine through. When imagination and a true thirst for discovery come together, the result is always sensational. Precise, with no artifice.


The House of Monnet was founded in 1838 by an association of vineyard owners in southwest France. Their company, which was initially named Société des Propriétaires Vinicoles de Cognac, was presided over and then purchased by Jean-Gabriel Monnet, who gave it his name in 1897 and chose as its emblem the salamander. 


Jean-Gabriel’s son, Jean Monnet, succeeded his father at the head of the House during the interwar period before embarking on an illustrious political career. A man of talent and vision, he went on to play a foundational role of his own, as chief architect of the European Union and one of the founding fathers of Europe.

©CK Mariot Photography
©CK Mariot Photography

During the 1950’s, Monnet became the official supplier of the Royal Court of Sweden, as well as one of the top 10 cognacs in the United States. By the close of the century, Monnet had reached the shores of every continent.


Today, the House of Monnet continues to win the hearts of free-spirited men and women around the world, while receiving enthusiastic recognition at prestigious competitions both near and far. As the House progresses toward its 200th anniversary, it is more committed than ever to the founding principles of quality, generosity and authenticity that inspired its creation in 1838.

Monnet VS cognac is masterfully blended from floral eaux-de-vie and slowly aged in Limousin oak casks for a minimum of two years. 


Sparkling gold in color, Monnet VS exudes aromas of fresh flowers and delicate spices with a soft touch of vanilla. On the palate, it reveals freshness and finesse, followed by a long, warm finish.


Gold Medal - Meininger's International Spirits Awards 2022

Gold Medal - International Spirits Challenge, 2016

Sunshine Selection is a Cognac whose smoothness will please connoisseurs as well as new consumers. Its roundness and outstanding fruitiness are remarkable, creating a product which is both very elegant and very accessible.


Bright gold with a smooth texture, warm sunset nuances. Nose is full of aromas of quince jam accents and spring flowers (lilac and daffodils). 

Very smooth, unctuous start, hearty notes of sun-filled summer fruits (apricot, peach..) with a light touch of vanilla and gingerbread. Long finish of smooth warm lingering accents of dried fruits and pastry.


Gold Medal - Meininger's International Spirits Awards 2022


Monnet Cognac VSOP (Very Superior Old Pale) cognac is masterfully blended from eaux-de-vie specifically chosen for their generous character. Aged in Limousin oak casks for a minimum of four years. 


Pure amber in color, Monnet VSOP reveals spicy aromas of vanilla, dried fruits and hints of leather. On the palate, it is deliciously rich and balanced, with notes of honey, nougat and a long, smooth finish.


96 points. Best Buy  "Vanilla and cocoa aromas show on the nose. The palate is decadent but light. What first reads as roasted coffee and hazelnut leads into traces of honeycomb, pecan pie and candied orange peel, drying into a citrusy finish." (Wine Enthusiast 2023)


91 points, Gold - (Bartender Spirits Awards, 2022)


Gold Medal - (Meininger's International Spirits Awards 2022)


94 points. Great Value! "A beautiful, deep amber color, this brandy shows a bouquet of dried white plum, milk chocolate, toasted nougat, and tangerine zest. Big flavors of oak and vanilla dominate the palate and culminate in a fruitcake finish." - (Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2021)


 4 stars. Highly recommended. “I encounter traces of dark fudge, caramel, raisins, and brown sugar in the opening whiffs after the pour; following another seven minutes of aeration, the bouquet goes from confections to fruits, in particular, baked fruits, such as banana and pears, and also resinous oak. Entry is firm, acidic/astringent, semisweet, and like chocolate-covered banana; midpalate is more pear-like than like tropical fruit and is spicy (clove, allspice). Concludes long in the throat, narrow in focus, and directed at the baked fruit and wood. A classy VSOP to reckon with.” (Paul Pacult, The New Kindred Spirits 2021)


Gold Medal - International Spirits Challenge, 2019 

Gold Medal - Cognac Masters Asia, 2019

Gold Medal -  International Spirits Awards, 2017 & 2013

Gold Medal - Poitou-Charente Taste Competition, 2004 

Gold Medal - Concours Générale Agricole Paris, 2001 & 2000

Monnet XO (Extra Old) cognac is slowly blended from eaux-de-vie selected primarily from Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne. Meticulously aged in Limousin oak casks for a minimum of 17 years, far beyond the minimum time required for the XO appellation.


Burnished gold with highlights of shimmering red, Monnet XO strikes a perfect balance between structure, character and delicacy. On the nose, this richly complex cognac marries sweet, spicy aromas of licorice, nuts and candied fruits. On the palate, it offers exceptional roundness, finesse and a luxuriously long finish.


94 points, Gold (Bartender Spirits Awards, 2022)


Gold Medal - Meininger's International Spirits Awards 2022


91 points "Fantastic bouquet of salted caramel, pizelle, minty tobacco, candied fig, walnut husk, and bold cinnamon. Supple and semisweet on the tongue, candied orange peel and baked raspberries appear alongside grounding touches of toasted oak, black licorice, and white tea." - Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2021


Gold Medal - International Spirits Challenge, 2017


Monnet XXO offers an unprecedented journey into the exceptional nuances of Cognac. Produced in very small quantities, this very rare XXO represents the epitome of Monnet’s savoir-faire, with a perfect roundness associated with a stunning delicacy. 


XXO or “Extra Extra Old” Cognacs are a rare Cognac designation specifying a cognac that is aged for a minimum of 14 years.


However, Monnet XXO is aged for a minimum of 24 years.


The nose opens with notes of mahogany and cedar, followed by aromas of red berries, dominated by cherries and their pit. The whole is completed by sweet blond tobacco and subtle scents of undergrowth. 


The opening palate is characterized by its roundness and evolves towards an immensely rich mid-palate, accompanied with gingerbread and cinnamon. The finish is long and expressive on the palate, highlighted by sandalwood.


91 points, Excellent, Highly Recommended “This enchanting cognac has seductive tones of peach, apple cobbler, and caramel. The palate is broad and velvety with a further barrage of sun-dried stone fruit and more notes of oven-baked pastry before finishing with a light hint of clay mineralogy”. (Ultimate Spirits Challenge, 2022)


Cognac of the Year / Gold Medal (Meininger’s International Spirits Awards 2022)

Gold Medal (The Drinks Business Cognac and Brandy Masters Asia, 2020)