Domaine Jacquiot Distillery
The Domaine Jacquiot is located in Plassac between Angouleme and
Cognac. Jean-Yves is the current master liquorist and producer of the small family-owned, sixth generation house. He makes his cognacs and crème de fruits with special attention to the viticulture and cultivation of the fruits.


Viniculture: The vines are grown on a steep, south facing slope to receive optimal sunlight.
Distillation: The cognac is double-distilled in a Charentais still.


Aging: The Cognac is aged in oak barrels in the domaine’s cellars.

XO Cognac

Jahiot’s XO Cognac is a blend of primarily 30-year-old vintages. A long aging process allows rich aromas and flavors to develop.


Nose: powerful aromas of candied fruits melt into delicate floral, chocolate, and ginger notes.


Palate: rich flavors of sweet citrus peel with hints of candied orange and apricot.


Pairs well with an apricot tart or fresh litchis. Or savor slowly as a digestif.


- Gold Medal (Concours Mondial Bruxelles)