Cognac Du Peyrat

The Pioneer of Organic Cognac

At Distillerie du Peyrat, Producers of Organic Cognac
At Distillerie du Peyrat, Producers of Organic Cognac

The Distillerie du Peyrat has distilled Cognacs for several decades

but the family has been present as distillers in the Charentes region since 1705. After having distilled Cognac for bigger, well known brands, the owner, Jean-Francois Rault, decided to produce and market his own Cognac with a rather unique specialization in the Cognac area: the production of Organic Cognacs. Distillerie du Peyrat now produces exclusively 100% organic Cognacs. Located in a small village 10km East of Cognac on the banks of a river, du Peyrat produces, distills and ages their eaux de vie with the respect of the environment and the intense expression of the terroir. 

Distillerie Du Peyrat Organic Rare Cognac

About the product: Location of the vineyard: in the Fins Bois delimited area of production, just a few km away from the delimited Grande Champagne area, also known as the first cru.


Terroir: because of its proximity to the Grande Champagne area, the vineyard benefits from 2 terroirs, producing assemblages (blends) that have strength and fullness, but will yet be round, supple and mature quicker than cognacs from the Grande Champagne.


Production: about 160 000 bottles per year

House style: subtle, fruity


Organic and more:

Cognac du Peyrat is certified organic by the USDA, and the strict European organization, Ecocert.


The distillery has also committed to:

- Choosing “green” electricity produced by sustainable methods.

- Installing photovoltaic solar panels.

- Adopting the use of recycled paper.


Tasting Notes

Organic Selection

A blend of young and lively cognacs; fresh and surprisingly round due to a special, fatty distillation process.



93 points. 

Wine Enthusiast, 2015


92 points. Great value. 

"Aromas are redolent of ripe juicy apricots with hints of tropical fruit. Rich and sweet in the mouth, flavors are pristine and focused with stone fruit, white tea and fresh flowers shining through. Smooth and balanced. Excellent, highly recommended."


Ultimate Spirits Challenge, 2015

Organic Rare Prestige

A minimum of 7 years old. 

Vanilla, plum, apricot aromas - refined, light, mellow and round on the palate.



95 Points / Best of 2017

"This easy-drinking Cognac smells like dessert—think caramel, baked pear and marzipan. Fleeting sweetness on the feather-light palate echoes those aromas as delicious vanilla, almond and creamy flan wind into a zingy citrus finish accented by ginger." (Wine Enthusiast, 2017)


"Highly Recommended / 4 stars" (Paul Pacult, The Spirit Journal, 2017)


"91 points" (Cigar & Spirits Magazine, 2014)


"Excellent! 90 Points" (Ultimate Spirit Challenge, 2010)


"Highly Recommended / 4 stars" (Paul Pacult, The Spirit Journal, 2009)

Organic XO Classic

A minimum of 10 years.


This blend of organic cognacs gathers the best of Fins-Bois and Petite-Champagne crus taking roots in the cognac region whilst showcasing the aromatic potential of Folle Blanche grape variety paired with Ugni-blanc.


To achieve a wide palette of aromas and a great maturation potential, this Cognac has been distilled in our traditional charentais pot-stills using wine lies and following our signature fatty distillation process.


Vine, oak, time and a bit of craftsmanship make this cognac a classic for anyone wishing to discover the world of XOs while supporting a respectful and sustainable approach to winegrowing.


Tasting Notes

Colour:  Golden Dark  Amber

Nose : Rich,  spicy, hints of walnuts

Palate :  very soft,  with elements of died fruits and chocolate


 92 points  (Wine Enthusiast Magazine)