Calvados Chauffe Coeur

Calvados Chauffe Coeur

Martayrol is a family-owned business with a tradition that goes back to the last century and specializes in the making of various fruit brandies from France.


They own vineyards in Maupas, Bas Armagnac, orchards and a distillery in Cambremer, Pays d’Auge, and work with small artisanal producers from Cognac, Alsace, Burgundy, Perigord and Martinique for their other eaux de vie.


They age and blend all their eaux de vie themselves, scrupulously following the secret methods used for decades to achieve the renowned high quality of the Chauffe Coeur line.

The making of Calvados Chauffe Coeur:


Origin: Martayrol own their apples orchards and distillery in the village of Cambremer in the heart of the Pays d’Auge, Calvados.

Note: even though the distillery and orchards are in the Pays d’Auge, the Calvados Chauffe Coeur don’t bear the appellation Pays d’Auge because, according to the original and ancient recipe, the Calvados Chauffe Coeur are a blend of Calvados Appellation (single distillation) and Calvados Pays d’Auge (double distillation).  


Apples: a wide variety of acid, bittersweet cider apples are used ; they are pressed by varieties and each juice is stored individually in stainless steel vats until the first fermentation ; then the juices are blended for the specific purpose of making Chauffe Coeur, the blend undergoes a second fermentation and is left to age for a minimum of one year.


Distillation: Single and double distillation; for the double distillation, the heads and tails are discarded; only the heart of the distillation, where all the aromas and fruit are nestled, are used for making the Chauffe Coeur quality.


Ageing: in old 12hl oak barrels from the Limousin. Old oak is used in order to preserve the fresh taste of the apples.


Blending: this important step is done by the 2 brothers, owners of Martayrol, and the cellar master, each secretly bringing their own touch, their know-how and their artistry.


Usually, the blending takes place about a year before the final product is meant to be bottled, when the various eaux de vie have aged well and for a long time. At that time also, if some strength reduction is needed, it will be done, slowly and little at a time over a few months. Chauffe Coeur Calvados are sold at 43% vol., the best volume according to the cellar master. There is no sugar, caramel or color added.



Calvados VSOP

The VSOP Chauffe Coeur Calvados is  aged a minimum of 6 years in oak.


95 points. Gold medal "Exceptional."

Beverage Tasting Institute, 2012


"Highly Recommended / 90-95 / Best Buy"

Wine Enthusiast, 2008


"Highly Recommended / 4 stars"


Spirit Journal, Sept. 2007  

Calvados Hors d'Age

The Hors d’Age Chauffe Coeur Calvados is aged a minimum of 15 years in oak.


"Top 50 Best Spirits 2008"

Wine Enthusiast, Dec. 2008


"Highest Recommendation / 96-100 / Best Buy"

Wine Enthusiast, 2008


"Highest Recommendation / 5 stars" 


Spirit Journal, Sept. 2007


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