Armagnac Ténarèze Hontambère

Château de Hontambère can be found on maps of the Armagnac region since at least 1834. The name Hontambère is derived from reference to the beautifully restored fountain, the source for which has long been known to locals for its exceptional purity.


Located in the Ténarèze sub region of Armagnac, Hontambère expresses the subtle, smooth, and perfumed style that is the hallmark of the best Armagnacs of this region. Combining this local knowledge with a detailed understanding of the Château’s different terroirs has allowed specially selected vines to be grown and harvested in a way that brings out the very best in Armagnac. 

Rare Armagnac Collection by Hontambère

Rare Armagnac Collection by Hontambère gives unprecedented access to one-off bottlings of Armagnacs from small producers, not previously available to those outside of the region – or even sometimes outside of the family. Our commitment to the traditions and people of this region and years of careful, patient work has given us access to the finest of these small lots of hand made artisanal Armagnacs now proudly released under the Rare Armagnac Collection.

The region of Armagnac lies in the heart of "la France Profonde." It is one of the few remaining truly rural parts of France which have preserved their authenticity, reflected in the Armagnac itself, which remains largely untouched by the modern fast pace of life. Local Artisans still respect the patient work of time that transforms youthful spirit into beautifully complex and rounded Armagnac after years resting in the ancient cellars of their tiny domaines.


The Armagnacs selected for the Rare Armagnac Collection are produced in tiny quantities by local families, using the same methods that have been handed down through generations for over 700 years.

Ténarèze Armagnac Vintage 1987

Barrel No. H1

Number of bottles: 540

Cask strength: 54.2%

Bottled in 2021.

Aged in oak casks for 34 years.


This 1987 vintage was discovered lost in the corner of the cellars on one of the most traditional estates in the Ténarèze long after they ceased production. 


Natural deep amber color, delicately offset by clear, hints of orange and a lifting touch of rancio.