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Core line of Delord Bas Armagnac: Napoleon, XO and 25 Ans d'Age
Prosper Delord  ©Armagnac Delord
Prosper Delord ©Armagnac Delord

Born in 1875, Prosper Delord started the company as an itinerant distiller. He gained a reputation for his dedication and expertise by carting his traveling pot still around to the farms in the Bas Armagnac region. When his son Gaston took over in 1925 he officially founded the company name and established the business as a permanent site in Lannepax.




Current generation, Sylvain (left) and Jerome (right) with their father Jacques (2nd left) and Uncle Pierre.
Current generation, Sylvain (left) and Jerome (right) with their father Jacques (2nd left) and Uncle Pierre.

Today, great grandsons Jerome and Sylvain carry on the same tradition, having established a reputation for quality that is unsurpassed. Owners of a prime 30 hectare vineyard in the heart of the Bas Armagnac, (widely known as the 1st Cru), they have been distilling, ageing and blending their eaux-de-vie the exact same way their great-grandfather did. Their ageing cellars contain Armagnacs dating back to 1904.


Prosper Delord with his sons, Gaston and Georges.
Prosper Delord with his sons, Gaston and Georges.

When touring the distillery and ageing cellars, it feels as if time has stopped and you almost expect to see grandfather Prosper, coming around the corner pulling his itinerant pot still with the help of his two cows.



Delord Bas Armagnac

Technical information :

- Use of high quality fruit, harvested from the best sandy soils of the Bas Armagnac.

- No use of pesticides or fertilizers.

- A good use of the grape varietals : 

• 57% Ugni blanc (gives a good foundation)

• 16% Colombard (herbal aromas)

• 15% Folle Blanche (floral notes)

• 12% Baco (gives roundness)

- A particularly slow single distillation process.

- A distillation at low temperature (around 52 to 58 degre), which enables more flavors, fatty acids and   character to remain in the spirit.

- Use of 10% Gascon oak to give good tannins, darker color and beautiful spices.

- More ageing than required by law.


Tasting Notes

Woody nose with hints of “rancio” to come. Discreet

aromas of vanilla and fruit are satisfying and smooth.


Min. 10 years old



"91 points, Excellent"

Ultimate Spirits Challenge


Gold medal: 94 points

"Outstanding, Best Buy

Beverage Testing Institute, Chicago


"Superb, Highly recommended, best buy" 

Wine Enthusiast

This exceptional Hors d’Age displays a masterful

balance of ripe fruit, wood and buttery orange

pound cake. Smooth and deep with a wealth of rancio.


Min. 15 years old.



4 stars. Highly Recommended.

"Sandy brown / topaz color; immaculately clean. I like this opening aroma as I encounter floral / garden-like scents of jasmine, honeysuckle, and green vegetation, along with latent orchard fruit aromas; after more aeration, the bouquet turns a bit like textile fibers, linen, and cotton fiber before turning mildly nut-like. Entry is engagingly sweet, caramel-like, brown sugar-like,and chewy in texture; at midpalate, more fruit aspects emerge in the forms of black raisins, prunes, and dates. Concludes appealingly long in the throat, moderately lush in texture, medium oily, and peppery. The progressive nature of the innate quality of the Bas-Armagnac is obvious, in particular, from entry to the alluring finish."

Paul Pacult, Spirit Journal, Dec. 2018 


Gold medal

Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, 2015


97 points.

Wine Enthusiast, 2012


92 points. "Excellent"

Ultimate Spirits Challenge, 2010


4 1/2 stars

Doug Frost & Tim Fish, New York Times


Gold medal

Concours Agricole de Paris, 2010


4 stars

Spirit Journal, 2006


"Superb, Highly recommended" 

Wine Enthusiast, 2006 & 2007

This superb blend displays flavors or cocoa, spices,

vanilla, raisins, walnut and cinnamon. Its finish is long,

silky and biscuity.


25 years old. 



5 stars, Highest Recommendation.

" Mahogany color; superb clarity. I get buttery notes upfront that give way to bigger fragrances of citrus peel, meringue, egg white, and black tea; secondary inhalations after more aeration discover subtle notes of lime / citrus, black tea, and white raisins. Entry is sensationally clean, zesty, and defined by the notable presence of citrus rind, white raisins, kiwi, nutmeg, clove, and oak nuances; midpalate continues the subtlety found in the entry stage as the quiet merging of the fruit, acid, baking spice, and fatty oak elements creates a sophisticated and integrated core flavor that's about as sublime as mature Bas-Armagnac can get. The finish is a savory masterpiece of grape brandy balance, subtle strength, and integration. This Bas-Armagnac could have no other score but Five Stars."

Paul Pacult, Spirit Journal, Dec. 2018 


Gold medal

Concours General Agricole, Paris, 2018 & 2016


Gold medal

Talents d'Armagnac, 2017-2018


"This is the ultimate hand-crafted spirit." 

May Matta-Aliah of In The Grape


96 points.

Wine Enthusiast, 2012


Top Score, Chairman's Trophy: 97 points

"Extraordinary, Ultimate Recommendation"

Ultimate Spirits Challenge, 2011


Gold Medal, Prix du President de la Republique

Concours des Grandes Eaux de Vie d'Armagnac, 2006


5 stars. "Highest Recommendation, Best Buy"

Spirit Journal, 2006


"Top 50 Best Spirits 2006"

Wine Enthusiast


"Top 10 Best Armagnacs"

Wine Enthusiast, 2006 & 2007


5 stars. "Highest Recommendation, Best Buy" 

Wine Enthusiast, 2006 & 2007


The Armagnac in Delord Authentique spent a minimum of 30 years in oak barrels, first in heavily-charred new French oak, before finishing in older barrels. 


L'Authentique is an assemblage of very old Armagnacs born of the selection of different barrels representing, in our minds, the most emblematic vintages of our house. 


An Armagnac with great complexity marrying notes of vanilla, wood, and roasted coffee beans with aromas of prunes, walnuts, and dried fruit. A Bas Armagnac with true Gascon character! Bonne degustation!

- Sylvain & Jacques Delord


Pairs well with fruit tarts, particularly pear, and almonds.



Chairman's Trophy

96 points! Extraordinary,

Ultimate Recommendation

"Aromas of baking spices, nutmeg and grilled stone fruit play on the nose. Spicy at first in the mouth, then developing into tobacco leaf and hints of caramel. The layers continue to unfold as you sip."

Ultimate Spirits Challenge, 2018


5 stars! Highest Recommendation

"Tawny/ Bronze color; superb purity. Entry soars...and presents a focused taste profile that's rich in texture and almost rum-like in flavor intensity; midpalate is this brandy's pinnacle moment... Concludes extra long in the throat, honeyed, raisiny, and perfectly proportioned. A Delord touchstone moment."

Paul Pacult, Spirit Journal, 2018


Gold Medal

International Spirits Challenge, London, 2013


Delord Armagnac Vintages

Delord 1981:


Distilled in 1981 and bottled in 2011. Aged 30 years in oak barrels. Dark amber with hints of copper, delicate nose with aromas of sweet spices (cinnamon and ginger) and light tobacco. Fine tannins with flavors of butter and spices that linger, leaving on the palate the sensation of a beautiful brandy.


Chairman's Trophy. 97 points. 

"Extraordinary, Ultimate Recommendation"

Ultimate Spirits Challenge, 2013


GOLD medal and WINNER of President Republic Prize (Best Armagnac of the competition).

Concours des Grandes Eaux de Vie d’Armagnac, 2008

Delord 1981 Shelf Talker
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Delord 1988: 

Gold medal, Concours General Agricole, Paris

Delord 1996:


Distilled in 1996 and bottled in 2016. Aged 20 years in oak barrels.


Finalist. 95 points. 

"Extraordinary, Ultimate Recommendation"

"Beeswax, vanilla beans, French pastries and soft floral notes on the nose. Rich and ripe on the palate, this Armagnac shows layers of complexity, notes of sourdough, brown butter, roasted nuts and dried berries. Long and persistent finish."

Ultimate Spirits Challenge, 2017

Delord 1996 Shelf Talker
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Delord Blanche Armagnac