Bas Armagnac Dartigalongue

Dartigalongue Bas Armagnac - The oldest Armagnac house
Dartigalongue Bas Armagnac

The oldest house in Bas Armagnac, the Dartigalongue family began to distill in 1813. In 1838, Pascal Dartigalongue founded the first Maison d'Armagnac in Nogaro, the heart of the Bas Armagnac region. In 1870 son Joseph acquired a large vineyard in Salles d'Armagnac near Nogaro.


In 1978 great grandson Pierre Dartigalongue created his Museum in Nogaro which houses all the archives of Maison D'Armagnac, including all correspondence since 1838 and a fascinating collection of Vieux Armagnacs in their original bottles, dated 1829, 1848, 1852, 1870, and 1900. 


Françoise Dartigalongue, Benoit Hillion, and cellar master Ghislain Laffargue
Benoit Hillion, Françoise Dartigalongue, and cellar master Ghislain Laffargue

In 2010, Françoise Dartigalongue, fifth generation producer, then the head of the company, convinced her niece Virginie’s husband, Benoit Hillion, to leave his job as an agronomist in Paris to settle in Nogaro and take over the business. 


Seduced by the history of the House and by the enthusiasm and optimism of Françoise, Benoit quickly took over and boosted the development of the Maison.


Tasting Notes

Bas Armagnac XO

Min. 10 years old

Warm and honey gold color, scents of almond paste and fruits. In the mouth, the wood is light and not overpowering, allowing some flavors of tropical fruits, apricot and vanilla. The finish is medium long and elegant.



Gold Medal (Bartender Spirits Awards, 2021)


4 stars, Highly Recommended.

"Lovely mahogany color; flawless clarity. First nosings encounter ambrosial, wonderfully vibrant scents of ripe nectarines and pears, as well as spiced pear torte; secondary sniffs pick up more mature, wood influenced notes of oak sap, sawdust, pine 2 x 4, mushrooms, and cinnamon. Entry is nicely acidic so the first taste is fresh, clean, and crisp and this is followed by dried fruit flavors, namely dates, black raisins, and figs; the midpalate is the sweet-spot, in which the various aromatic and gustatory aspects merge into a singular flavor that's mature, bittersweet, tinged with baking spice, moderately oily / fatty, and harmonious. Toasty, sap- and maple-like, and a bit bitter on the finish as the taste profile retreats slightly from the full-out experience of the midpalate. (Paul Pacult, The New Kindred Spirits 2021) 


94 points. (Wine Enthusiast, 2012) 


"Excellent / Highly Recommended 93 points" (Ultimate Spirits Challenge, 2011)


"Highly Recommended / Best Buy" (Wine Enthusiast, 2002) 


"4 stars / Best Buy" (Spirit Journal, Dec. 2001) 

Bas Armagnac Hors d'Age

Min. 15 years old

Deep amber color, scents of baked apple, butter and black oak. The mouth is vibrant and generous, featuring again the baked apples, the oak and then some toffee and vanilla with some hints of tobacco toward the end. The finish is long, fat and silky.



93 points. Excellent/Highly Recommended.

"A nose of a sweet port and balsamic vinegar reduction. Hints of olives and brine on the nose. The initial flavors have distinct notes of kettle corn, sweet caramel and butter. Seasonings of nougat, almond butter and toasted nutmeg nestle in the mid palate." (Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2023)


94 points. "Vanilla sweetness blends with ginger, cayenne, cinnamon and cardamom, perked up by a dried apricot midpalate. The long finish similarly leads from spiced to sweet, finishing with a crème caramel exhale." (Wine Enthusiast, 2021)


5 stars! Highest Recommendation

"Cocoa brown color; flawless purity.... A session Bas-Armagnac that's refined, mature, and ambrosial. Absolutely must be on your brandy wish list."

(Paul Pacult, Spirit Journal, 2018) 


Gold medal (San Francisco World Spirits Competition) 


91 points. "Excellent / Highly Recommended"

This beautiful, mahogany colored brandy has brilliant aromas of stewed plum, fresh apricot, dried wildflower, and a tiny hint of sweet ginger. The palate has charming rusticity with fierce but elegant tannin and a long contemplative finish." (Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2018) 


94 points. "Excellent / Highly Recommended" (Ultimate Spirits Challenge, 2012) 


93 points. (Wine Enthusiast, 2012) 


Gold Medal (BTI International Review of Spirits, 2011) 


"Highly Recommended / Best Buy" (Wine Enthusiast, 2002)

Bas Armagnac 25 Year Old Grande Eau-de-Vie

Vintage label revived from the archives for Dartigalongue 25 Year Old Grande Eau-de-Vie Bas Armagnac

This Grand Eau-de-Vie was created by the cellar master to illustrate the beauty and richness of their Armagnac. The youngest vintage used in this wonderful expression has spent a minimum of 25 years in oak barrels, but some of the eau-de-vie in the composition are much older; and since the barrel is never completely emptied, there remain Armagnacs inside that are many decades old.


Tasting Notes from Benoit Hillion, Director of Dartigalongue:

Blend of several vintages aged much more than 25 years in oak barrels. 

Nose: Vanilla, dried fruits, spices on the nose, as well as white flower notes after a short aeration. 

Palate: The palate is intense, developing aromas of dried fruits, spices, hints of "rancio," with a wonderful licorice finish. 

Very subtle and elegant extra old blend.



97 points. "Look for a deep amber hue and vanilla and toffee aromas in this 25-year-old bottling. Cocoa powder and crushed walnut lead into rich toffee, burnt caramel and roasted nuts, finishing with a lip-smacking hint of candied ginger heat." (Wine Enthusiast 2021)


Gold medal (Brandy Consumer Choice Awards 2021)


Chairman's Trophy / 97 points / Extraordinary, Ultimate Recommendation

"A whiff of fruitcake on the nose delivers plenty of dried fruits and Christmas spices. The fruitcake intensifies on the palate before notes of licorice and something reminiscent old library books are revealed." (Ultimate Spirits Challenge, 2017)


5 stars / Highest Recommendation

"The dense copper color is dazzling and free from sediment. First sniffs detect old leather-bound books, library, coffee grounds, saddle leather, and cedar; more time in the glass releases bakery-like aromas of mincemeat pie, allspice, and biscuit batter. Entry is seductively succulent, as in dried apricot, white raisins, and prune, as well as piquant with freshly ground pepper; midpalate highlights the dried fruits and adds astringent flavors such as citrus peel, nutmeg, flaxseed oil, and litchi. Finishes gracefully and medium long, with a charming ending flurry of oak resin/maple. Very nice indeed." (Paul Pacult, Spirit Journal, 2017)


"I’d like to give a special shoutout to the 25-year-old Grand Eau de-Vie, which is one of the benchmark blends in Armagnac: Complex, swirling aromas of winter spice, pine forest, fruit pastry, and leather; subtle and soft at first, maple and apricot, then it gets spicier and more peppery, with rancio on the midpalate and an extraordinary finish full of licorice and tobacco. It’s been one of my favorites for years, and in a world of increasingly pricey brown spirits, it remains an excellent value." (Jason Wilson, The Brandy Advocate)

Bas Armagnac Cuvée Louis Philippe 180th Anniversary Edition

A special blend of Armagnac over 32 years old composed of 5 vintages, 1979, 1983, 1986, 1992, and 1994, to celebrate the 180th anniversary of the house. 42%


Refined and expressive nose which opens with notes of white flowers, honey, blond tobacco and spices. With some aeration, subtle notes of rancio and leather appear. The palate opens with silky tannins that develop to reveal candied fruits and a beautiful freshness perfectly integrated with the alcohol. A remarkably long finish with a delicate balance of licorice and light smokiness. A spirit that has reach its apogee!


Enjoy on its own or pair with a cigar. 



Armagnac Experience

Special selection for cocktails...

Maison Dartigalongue is resolutely turned towards the future. It proves it by offering a range made up of young Bas-Armagnacs, dedicated to the preparation of cocktails.


Benoît Hillion, director of the Dartigalongue house and nephew by marriage of Françoise Dartigalongue, and Ghislain Laffargue, cellar master at Nogaro since 1990, have shaped the destiny of these eaux-de-vie to offer Armagnacs perfectly suited to consumption on ice, or in cocktail. This range reveals the typicity of the Armagnac distillation produced in small artisanal Armagnac stills.


In addition to the Armagnac, the dry materials are 100% local, from a less weighty glass bottle made in France, to labels made from recycled paper in Nouvelle Aquitaine. 


Terroir: sandy-loamy soils of Bas Armagnac

Grapes: Baco 22A, Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche

Distillation: single distilled in a traditional Armagnacais column still to 58% vol.


The aromatic richness of Armagnac derives from a process of continuous distillation in a short column still, invented in the 19th century in Gers by Sieur Tuilliere. This method of distillation produces fruity and round eaux-de-vie, particularly suited to Blanche Armagnac.


Maturation: gradual reduction with water over the period of 3 months in a stainless-steel tank, earning the name “Unoaked.” Not aged in oak barrels.


Tasting Notes: Subtle aromas of pear, apple, and white flowers. The palate is round, with a velvety texture and a finish of sweet almonds.


Enjoy: neat, on ice, or subbed for any white spirit in your favorite cocktail.

Dry Cellar

Dartigalongue is one of the rare Armagnac Houses with “dry” cellars. Their dry cellar, located in the attics, is subject to wide temperature variations, from 104˚ in the summer to 38˚ in the winter. This produces eaux-de-vie with a pure, soft, and well-defined character.


Distillation: single distilled in a traditional Armagnacais column still to 58% vol.


Maturation: aged a minimum of 2 years in local Gascon oak, exclusively in our dry attic cellar, earning the name “Dry Cellar.”


Tasting Notes: Delicate aromas of vanilla, prune, and peaches. The palate is very intense and concentrated, with marked notes of spice on the finish.


Enjoy: neat, on ice, with ginger ale or in a cocktail.


Our Armagnacs are aged in barrels crafted by our local coopers and made from Gascon oak, which comes from the nearby Southwestern forests. With this experiment, we desired to enhance the remarkable aromas typical of Gascon oak with a double maturation in new barrels.


Distillation: single distilled in a traditional Armagnacais column still to 58% vol.


Maturation: Aged a minimum of 4 years in two maturations, earning the name “Double Oaked.” The first aging is done in heavily toasted new Gascon oak; the second in new Gascon oak with a special toasting level.


Tasting Notes: The palate is rich with toasted bread, cacao, spices, and roasted flavors.


Enjoy: neat, paired with dessert, or in an Old Fashioned Cocktail.


Spirit of the Year (Cavistes & eCommerce, presented at VinExpo Paris, 2022)


92 points, Gold  (Bartender Spirits Awards, 2022)


93 points, Excellent, Highly Recommended, Finalist, Great Value. “Expressive with bitter chocolate, clover honey, and cherry blossom on the nose. Ultra round on the palate with notes of bright stone fruit, toasted bread, warm baking spices, and tejate. Lingers elegant and lace-like on the finish." (Ultimate Spirits Challenge, 2022)


95 points. "This robust brandy is ideal for bourbon fans, aged in new French oak with a heavy toast, then given a second aging in new French oak with a medium toast. Expect a copper penny hue and concentrated, rich caramel and chocolate aromas. The palate echoes that cocoa note, leading into toffee accented by espresso. The finish dries to walnut and clove accents enlivened by a hint of apricot." (Wine Enthusiast, 2021)


Certified Organic wines: Natural yeast fermentation, no sulfites.


Terroir: sandy-silty soils from Bas-Armagnac


Grapes: Baco 22A and Folle Blanche


Maturation: average 8 years old in local Gascon oak (medium & strong toasting) in humid, dirt floor cellars


 Sustainability: Packaging 100% sourced in France. Lightweight bottle and recycled labels. Non-chill-filtered.


Tasting Notes:

The nose offers elegant notes of fruits (peach, prune), and blossom. On the palate, the Armagnac is powerful but the alcohol is still soft. Aromas of yellow fruits, vanilla, the finish brings subtle woody and spicy notes. A round, full flavored blend.


Pairing: great with a “mousse au chocolat”, or a tarte tatin.


Spirit of the Year (Cavistes & eCommerce, presented at VinExpo Paris, 2023)



"Vintages are typical in Armagnac and Dartigalongue has an impressive collection with most years and even some from 1829. The best sommeliers in the world choose Dartigalongue and dinners are regularly built around their Armagnacs. Menus from top Parisien establishments, including the Moulin Rouge, adorn the walls of the company’s museum that also boasts an awe inspiring number of documents from the beginning of the company’s creation.- Amanda Garnham, French Entree


The Oldest Armagnac Now Available in the U.S.A.

Dartigalongue 1848, 1893, 1900, 1918, and 1929 extremely rare vintages. 

Vintage 1980:

96 points, Finalist

"Crème brûlée, figs, and very light caramel characterize the aromas. An abundance of flavor washes over the palate with nuttiness, tart dried stone fruits, sweet baking spices, and dark chocolate to name a few. The vanilla kissed baked apple finish is dry and aromatic." Ultimate Spirits Challenge, 2020


5 stars. Highest Recommendation. “Gorgeously deep chestnut color; flawless purity. An opening aroma to die for, as the aromatics offer a stunning menu of succulent fragrances, from baked pineapple to buttered croissant to chocolate fudge to espresso to … well, this could go on forever; secondary whiffs unearth baked orchard fruits, tar, cigar tobacco, and pumpernickel bread. Entry is even more majestic and divine than the sensational bouquet, as the balance between oaky sweetness, mineral earthiness, treacle, and baked fruit make for beautiful flavor music; midpalate is a softer reflection of the entry, and that leads to a bittersweet aftertaste that’s endlessly long, compact, and luscious without being opulent or fat.” (Paul Pacult, The New Kindred Spirits 2021) 



Vintage 1985: 

Finalist, 96 points. “Heavenly aromas of baked peaches, creme caramel, and white flowers swirl in the glass. In the mouth the texture is silken, gently layered with cinnamon and cardamom spice, flavors of nectarine skin and brown sugar in ideal concentration. The finish is dry and aromatic.” Ultimate Spirits Challenge, 2019


5 stars. Highest Recommendation. “Cocoa-brown color; flawless purity. Initial whiffs pick up faint hints of peach cobbler, nectarine peel, and citrus zest; allowing for more aeration, later inhalations detect greater aromas that include egg white, meringue, cotton candy, refined sugar, and caramel candy. Entry is incredibly sumptuous, languid, and piquant, as the lush, velvety texture provides the perfect platform for the mature, baked fruit flavors that deeply impress; midpalate stage is, I believe, the apex moment that integrates the various components into a unified flavor that is harmonious, sensuous, and deeply honeyed. Finishes as lovely as it began, with intensity, harmony, length, and grace. Stupendously luscious and worth every cent.” (Paul Pacult, The New Kindred Spirits 2021) 

Vintage 1989: 

Chairman's Trophy, Top 100 Spirits 2021, 98 points. “Apple tart and cinnamon latte are soft and inviting aromas. The texture is elegant and silky to start, finishing a dusty suede. Sea salt adds to the depth of pastry cream, roasted peaches, and hazelnut. Bakery flavors persist on the finish of this lovely spirit.” Ultimate Spirits Challenge, 2021