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Vieux Pineau des Charentes Jean Fillioux
Pineau des Charentes Normandin Mercier

Introduction to Pineau des Charentes

Charentes region, France

According to one legend, Pineau des Charentes is not only the fruit of the vine, but also of luck. In 1589, when Henry IV came to the throne of France, a grower in Charentes, during the harvest, accidentally tipped grape must into a barrel containing cognac eau de vie. He subsequently stored the barrel away in the cellars of the lord of the manor. 


A few years later, as a result of a bumper harvest, he found himself short of a barrel. Much to his surprise, he found that the precious barrel contained a marvelous brew, limpid and as full of sunshine as the land of Charentes. The Pineau of Charentes was born. 

Pineau des Charentes Normandin Mercier and Jean Fillioux

Pineau des Charentes is regulated by an AOC or Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée which maintains the high quality of the product.

  • The cognac eau de vie and the grape must have to come from the same estate.
  • The Pineau itself must be between 16% and 22% alcohol. 
  • The final product may only be sold after it has been given the seal of approval by an official tasting panel


Pineau des Charentes Normandin Mercier

This five year old Pineau is a perfect example of how Pineau des Charentes should taste! Enjoy it as an aperitif chilled, on the rocks, mixed with a bit of tonic water or have some fun experimenting with it behind the bar. It also goes well with foie gras, blue cheese or with almost any dessert.


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Tasting Notes

Pineau des Charentes Blanc

This traditional French aperitif wine is a blend of freshly pressed grapes and some young Normandin-Mercier cognac. Ageing four years in oak barrels helps to marry and mature the fresh fruit flavors making a soft blend that is ready to be enjoyed chilled as an aperitif, or as a dessert wine. The white Pineau goes well with blue cheese or sweet peach cobbler. Fresh and fruity with a dash of “rancio”.


90 points

"Aged four years in oak barrels, aromas of golden raisins, honey and dried apricots lead the nose. The palate shows honey sweetness and stone fruit, accompanied by mild tartness and citrusy, mouthwatering acidity on the exit. Serve chilled"

 Wine Enthusiast, 2019

Pineau des Charentes Rosé

This traditional French aperitif wine is a blend of freshly pressed grapes and some young Normandin-Mercier cognac. Ageing four years in oak barrels helps to marry and mature the fresh fruit flavors making a soft blend that is ready to be enjoyed chilled as an aperitif, or as a dessert wine. The Rouge Pineau goes well with red berry fruit tart or chocolate cake. Fruitier than the white with a greedy note of pits of cherry.


92 points

"The aroma is relatively restrained, with nuanced wafts of blackberry and dried cherry. The palate echoes those dark berry notes, but overall is relatively dry, finishing with herbaceous hints of dried sage and thyme. A hint of dried cherry returns on the drying exhale."

Wine Enthusiast, 2019

Jean Fillioux

Vieux Pineau des Charentes red and white Jean Fillioux

Available in both red and white versions, these ten and fifteen-year-old "Vieux" Pineau are like nothing you have ever seen previously available in the US market. In other words, they are that good.


For maximum enjoyment of this exceptional Pineau, serve in a tulip-shaped glass to highlight its color and enhance its bouquet. Serve chilled. 

Tasting Notes

Vieux Pineau des Charentes Blanc

Aged 15 years and 17% ABV, very beautiful straw yellow color with glints of gold. Rich and clean nose with walnut and rancio aromas. Mellow, fat and round on the palate, it offers long and complex roasted almonds, dried fruits and honey flavors. A true and memorable delight when served cool as an aperitif or to go with foie gras. Also wonderful as a sauce base for tuna, salmon, rabbit or veal. 



Chairman's Trophy, 95 points. Extraordinary, Ultimate Recommendation. 

Toasted almond, honey, and dates adorn the nose. The palate expresses more of a roasted almond and macadamia nut quality with moderate sweetness and a silky full finish. The nutty golden hue reflects the elegant flavor profile.

Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2014


4 stars. 

"Medium deep-amber. Tupelo honey appearance that’s perfectly pure – opening bouquet speaks a ripe apricot – with air contact, a vinous / leafy scent gets added to the aromatic mix along with a peppery back note. The palate entry is stunningly luscious and texturally rich. Midpalate is alive with an ambrosial banquet that’s both opulent and tart. Aftertaste is luxury long, focused, and properly fruity; what a glorious mouthful of delicious fruit!”

Paul Pacult, Spirit Journal


91 points

"Slightly savory hints of dried marjoram and mushroom highlight this complex, burnished-gold sipper. The palate opens with mild raisin sweetness and finishes nutty, oxidized and relatively dry. Serve with aged cheeses." 

Wine Enthusiast 2018


Vieux Pineau des Charentes Rosé

Aged 10 years and 17% ABV, sumptuous deep ruby color, fine and delicate nose blended with fine aromas of rancio. Mellow and round on the palate, it offers a burst of red berry flavors, especially blackcurrant and jammy raspberries blended with port savours. Enjoy as a cool aperitif. Goes well with foie gras, melon, strawberries, summer fruit salads or tasty chocolate cake.



4 stars

"The tawny / red brick hue with rose-colored core features bedazzles the eye – ideal purity… The texture is very full, almost voluptuous at palate entry as the fruit element remains dry… The aftertaste is long, fruity, mildly sweet, and pleasant; a pre-dinner drink that I’d serve straight from the coldest part of the refrigerator just on its own."

Paul Pacult, Spirit Journal


93 points

"This version is aged 10 years, giving it a ruddy hue and cinnamon and dried cherry aromatics. Rich and pleasingly weighty, cherry and raspberry lead into a nutty midpalate, finishing moderately long. Ideal for a dessert pairing with dark chocolate."

Wine Enthusiast 2018