Claque-Pépin Ciders

Claque-Pepin apples


The name Claque-Pépin comes from a type of apple variety, which when ripe, rattles when shaken. The name translates to the seeds (pepin) which rattle (claque). The property is located in the Normandie region, nestled between the Domfrontais and the Pays d’Auge, in the 17th century farm next to the ancient chateau of Serans, formerly the family estate of the Louvet family.


Claque-Pépin officially began 13 years ago. However, current owner Benoît Louvet has been immersed in the world of distilling and ageing for many years. He began his “apprenticeship” fairly young with his grandfather Vital. After working for a few other Calvados producers as cellar master, he decided to start his own artisanal production and perpetuate the art of making Calvados

and cider, while respecting the Normand tradition and the environment. 

Fallen apples at the Claque-Pepin Calvados estate

The Cider:

The cultivation of the cider apple stems from the equal respect for tradition and the ecosystem. The cider trees, with their shapely, tall branches and deep roots reflect these ideals. 


Cider is primarily a matter of terroir, the soil which gives its particular character to the apples and the product.


A good cider is also a fruit; the apples bring the richness of their aroma and flavors to the cider.


A great cider is an expression of skill: a multi-generational knowledge passed down by those who first cultivated the land and who bequeathed their knowledge of apples and cider-making to today’s generation.

Cidre Bouché Dry Hard Cider

4.5% ABV

Claque-Pépin Dry Cider is made from traditional cider apples. The tart flavors and the dry finish of the bittersweet fruit give the cider an aromatic kick. Harmonious, soft and structured, with a long finish. It is the perfect cider to serve with crepes, both savory and sweet. It also pairs well with hearty pork or poultry seasonal dishes.



94 points.  Great Value, Excellent, Highly Recommended

A stunning gold color in the glass with bright fruit and subtle barnyard aromas, this cider displays brilliant rustic charm and refined mouthfeel. Flavors of red apple skin, ripe pear, horse blanket, and honey all balance beautifully behind bold carbonation before a dry finish."

Ultimate Wine Challenge, 2017

USDA Organic Poiré Pear Cider

Claque-Pépin Organic Pear Cider is a USDA certified organic pear cider. This Normandy Organic Pear Cider, made in the champenoise method, is light and refreshing with notes of succulent pear and a tart green apple finish. It goes well with all types of food, as an aperitif or with dessert. 4% ABV