Spirit Time! Ep1. Pt1. - New Product Training Video Series

Spirit Time - French Whisky, Part 1 


In light of the severe restrictions imposed by the pandemic, we decided to create a series of informational training videos that we can share initially with our distributors and sales team, and then with the public. We like the idea of covering a spirit category with one video and then doing a follow-up video with a particular producer, walking us through a tasting. We also plan to do a cognac vs armagnac version and maybe a few other topics like cocktails, etc. Plus,  we remain open to your suggestions.


Enclosed you will find a link to our first episode; French Whisky, part 1. Bear in mind, we are not professional video producers (yet), but we did our best to create a template that we could use throughout the series and that would be honest, informative and upbeat. Hopefully, they will get easier and more concise as we move forward. We will be sending these out directly to our distributors this week, and then we plan to release it on social media next week, while we encourage viewers to stock up on product if they would like to taste along with us when we publicly release part 2 via FaceBook on Thursday 5/21/2020 at 6:30.
Credit needs to go to our son, Keenan who served as our camera and set crew while filming at our home-office bar studio, and Chistina Lysko who has been with us as an intern for exactly a year now. Starting this week, upon her graduation (as one of the top design students at UMASS Dartmouth), Christina will be working almost full-time for us as a design & marketing assistant, from home. She has done the editing and the technical side of making it ready as well as the intro animation.
We welcome your feedback and questions.