Spirit Time Ep.1 Pt.1, French Whisky

Dan and Christine discuss french whisky in episode 1, part 1, of Spirit Time.

They cover the history of whisky in France and share informative facts. This episode is part one of a set of videos that include what you should know about french whisky, the tasting of a flight of Armorik Single Malt whiskies, and an interview with David Roussier of Warengham Distillarie.

Spirit Time Ep.1 Pt.2, French Whisky

Dan and Christine taste French whisky in episode 1, part 2, of Spirit Time.

They invite David Roussier of Warengham Distillarie to stream video and have an at-home tasting event. The line up of products is as follows, Armorik Classic, Armorik Sherry Cask Finish, Armorik Double Maturation, and Armorik Triagoz. Viewers are encouraged to taste along and learn more about these great Single Malt Whiskies and the Breton distillery where they are made.

Premiering Soon on FaceBook: May 21, 2020 6:30 PM