A Short Trip South

Visiting Quality in Atlanta
Quality Atlanta

Having taken the semester off from my teaching responsibilities at the local university, I’ve been able to devote more time in general to Heavenly Spirits and in this case join CC on a trip that included stops in Florida and Georgia. On the first leg of our trip we got to spend time in Florida with old San Francisco friends Bob & Debra Ackerman. We don’t know any couple more dedicated to experiencing the worlds of fine food, wine, spirits and travel than Bob and Debra. In addition to catching up with each other's recent experiences we spoke about the Florida market and options for Heavenly Spirits expansion.

Leg two of our trip South brought us to Atlanta Georgia, where we participated in Quality Wine & Spirits annual tasting extravaganza. Christine had bragged over the past three years about what a first class event this was and how it had continued to grow. I was very glad to be there and to see and experience Atlanta for the first time. Held downtown at the Merchandise Mart Convention Center, and combined with the Inland Sea Food Show Case, the event was a huge success that made the six hours of talking on our feet go by very quickly. We poured samples of our spirits to a very knowledgeable and appreciative crowd that we hope will continue to grow each year. Hats off to Joe Best and his family owned company for putting together such a fine event. (See Gallery for more photos)