Exceptional French Whisky now Available in the US via Heavenly Spirits

ArmoriK Whisky Breton - Original, Now Replaced with Armorik Classic
ArmoriK Whisky Breton



This superb single malt, double distilled whisky made from 100% French malted barley is the first of its kind to be produced in France. Twenty-five years and several prestigious awards later Armorik has found its way to American shores and we at Heavenly Spirits are thrilled to be the exclusive importers for the US market.


This exceptionally well made whisky has everything a seasoned scotch or bourbon drinker will love, including a lightly floral aroma, a soft and honeyed entrance followed by a well balanced touch of spiced wood and citrus, and ending with a lightly smoked and pleasantly peaty finish. Armorik is the result of a very unique aging process, using a majority of refill bourbon casks made from American white oak and finished with some refill sherry casks made of Spanish oak. Jim Murry's 2010 Whisky Bible awarded Armorik 91 points.


As we are just beginning distribution, please contact us for availability in your area.