Highest Rated Absinthe at Club BEVMO - La Muse Verte

Absinthe La Muse Verte
The True Green Muse

We just got the news that La Muse Verte, our award winning Absinthe, has the highest rating from BEV MO Club members with a 94/100. This is not the first time we beat out the more publicized competition in a particular chain or market. In our opinion La Muse is the best, and most authentic artisinal absinthe on the market, but it is always nice to hear it from consumers. Because we do not have the marketing budget of some other brands, we rely on thoughtful consumers who taste La Muse and remember how tasty, refreshing and satisfying it is. Our thanks to all the La Muse Verte Absinthe and Pastis supporters out there. Check out the Bev Mo site here CLUB BEV MO and don't forget to tell your friends.