Our Floc has Arrived!

One of the nicest aperitifs you’ll ever experience is Floc de Gascogne. Made in the Armagnac region of France by marrying approximately two parts regional grape juice with one part Armagnac, it weighs in at 17% alcohol by volume and is a wonderful way to get your appetite started. Very much in the same tradition as the Cognac region’s Pineau de Charante, it is also served as a dessert wine or even as part of the dessert itself. My favorite way to eat a small ripe melon for example is when it is cut in half and filled with either Floc or Pineau.  The particular Floc that Heavenly Spirits is bringing in is produced by the award winning Delord House in Lannepax, France. Famous for the quality of their Armagnac, Delord is the second most sold Armagnac in the US. We look forward to sharing this wonderful wine with all of our clients and friends this summer.