Armagnac Tasting and Dinner Cruises

Armagnac Tasting Cruises in America

In an effort to introduce and educate more American consumers to the pleasures of fine armagnac, several armagnac producers and the National Bureau of Armagnac have gotten together and organized two major Armagnac tasting events in June. Both of these events are geared toward people in the trade ( journalists, retailers, sommeliers, club organizers) and center around a dinner cruise. The first event is scheduled to take place in New York on Tuesday June 2 aboard the Atlantica Yacht. Festivities kick off at 4:00 PM and continue until 1:00 AM. Two days later on June 4th, the tasting party moves to Chicago aboard the Fort Dearborn. Again, the event is designed for people in the trade and is by invitation only. However, If you are a real armagnac enthusiast and are free that night we might be able to get you on the list. Drop us an email and we'll see if we can send you an invitation.

You might soon be hearing more about the Armagnac region in the news, as they are warming up for next year's 700th anniversary celebration of the first traceable origins of the drink's creation in 1310. It should be quite a party.


To learn more about tasting and appreciating French Brandies link to Paul Pacult's web page which offers insightful tips on the subject: